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dumbbell madness 5-2021

Dumbbell Madness! 5-14-2021

Dumbbell Madness! 5-14-2021 Complete Set 4x for best results Push yourself and focus on form 🙂Dumbbell Bicep Curls Dumbbell Presses Dumbbell Cross Body Curls Dumbbell

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How to Create Business Partnerships

One thing that many new business owners neglect is the value of a good business partnership. This is especially true for those who do not understand and apply the LoA. In each interaction they have, their only goal is to extract profits and move on before the other person realizes he’s been swindled.

To the contrary, if you adopt and follow the LoA in your business practices, then you should also follow its implications for business partnerships. That is, instead of treating partnerships as a waste of time, realize that they contain the potential to be much more than a one-time gig. And realize that many businesses are made or lost based only on partnerships with existing businesses.

Instead, focus very carefully on each of your business partnerships. Visualize how they will play a role in the future of your business. And then work with your business partners accordingly.

If you think that a strong, long-term partnership is possible, then foster a stronger relationship with that partner. Treat them as the abundance mindset would suggest. That is, instead of openly conveying that you have no time for them or no interest in partnering with them unless all benefits accrue to you, instead treat them as if you have extra time; and as if you are open to projects that may strictly benefit them and not you.

Again, remember that the essence of the LoA is focusing on abundance and positivity. It consists of visualizing positive outcomes very carefully; and then translating those visualizations into concrete actions.

This is no different here. If you want to forge partnerships, then you must first visualize them. Next, you must remain open to them and willingly accept them when they present themselves.

And with that said, we will close out this section on LoA and business. Remember, the approach hasn’t changed—only the subject matter has. If you want to apply the LoA simply and correctly, all you have to do is set goals, visualize them happening, and then accept that those positive outcomes when they occur.