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Planning to Start Yoga? Try These Yoga Exercises for Beginners.

Yoga plays a vital role in keeping our bodies fit and firm by keeping our spine intact and regulating the flow of blood. At physical level, yoga exercises have proved to be a cleansing practices that are really effective for various body disorders. Spiritually, one of the far reaching advantage of yoga exercises is that they keep the practitioner’s mind fresh and active throughout the day. Below are some of the famous and beneficial yoga exercises that you can try to start with if you are a beginner at it. Try these yoga exercises for a few weeks and once you feel comfortable in practicing these yoga exercises.

12 Yoga Exercises For Beginners


1. Mountain Pose


yoga exercises


Stand straight on your feet and distribute your weight equally through both of your soles and keep your arms aside. Take a deep breath and start raising your arms up your head with palms facing each other. Your fingertips should be pointing into the sky straight.


2. Downward Dog


yoga exercises


Be on your hands and feet with your hands right under shoulders and feet under your hips. Spread your fingers and move your hands a few inches forward and press your palms on the mat. Curl toes under and slightly push your hip upwards and bring your body into an inverted V shape. Press your shoulders away from ears with feet apart from each other and knees slightly bent. This exercise regulates the flow of blood towards your head hence strengthening your brain and refreshing it.


3. Warrior Pose


yoga exercises


Stand on your feet with legs 3 to 4 feet apart from each other keeping your right foot at right angle and left foot in. Bring your hands to your hips relaxing your shoulders, then move them apart sides with palms facing down as shown in the picture above. Keep your right knee over the ankle at 90 degrees and gaze at your right hand and stay in this position for at least one minute. Later, keep repeating this exercise by switching sides.


4. Tree Pose


yoga exercises


Stand straight on both of your feet and extend your arms to sides. Pick up your right foot and place its sole on the left thigh as shown. Once you have balanced your position, bring your palms in front of you in prayer position with palms stick together. While inhaling, raise your hands upwards separating your palms but they should be facing each other. Stay in this position for 30 seconds. Repeat this pose again by switching feet.

5. Bridge Position


yoga exercises

This exercise helps in stretching chest and thighs and extend your spine.

Lie on your back with knees bent directly over your heels. Place your arms at sides with palms facing the floor and try to pull your hips up by pushing feet into the floor. Keep lifting your hips up until they are parallel to the floor and chest close to your chin. Stay in this position for at least 1 minute and keep increasing this duration up to 3 minutes when you start feeling comfortable. You can also place a stack of pillows under your spine initially if you are not feeling comfortable in this pose.

6. Triangle Pose


yoga exercises


Stand on both of your feet and extend your arms to sides. Then bend yourself and try to touch you right feet with right arm. Keep your feet wide apart keeping your right toe at 90 degrees and left toe at 45 degrees as shown in the pose picture. When you touch your right foot with your right hand, keep you left hand straight towards the sky. Keep your head up and gaze to the ceiling and stay in this position for 5 minutes. Repeat the same exercises switching your legs and arms.


7. Seated Twist


yoga exercises


Stretches shoulders, hips, and back; increases circulation; tones abdomen; strengthens obliques

Sit down on the mat extending your legs. Bend your left knee and bring the left foot under the right thigh and cross right foot outside over the left thigh simultaneously. Keep your right knee facing upwards towards ceiling. The place left elbow over the right thigh and right hand on the floor for the support. Once you have settled in this pose, twist yourself towards right as far as you can stretch away from your abdomen. Stay in this position for one minute and switch position repeatedly.

8. Cobra Pose


yoga exercises


Lie on your stomach with hands right under your shoulders and legs extended with top of your feet facing downwards as shown in the figure. Try tightening your pelvic floor while tucking hips downwards as you squeeze your glutes. Push through your thumbs and fingers while you push your chest up. Repeat this exercise again after a short relaxation.


9. Pigeon Posture


yoga exercises


Extraordinarily beneficial for the piriformis (a deep gluteal muscle)

Get into a push up position with palms aligned under your shoulders. Put your left knee on the floor and bring it near the shoulder with left heel near your hip (See the figure). Stretch your right leg and keep it straight while chest lifted to the wall in front of you. Try pulling navel to the spine tightening your pelvic muscles too and contract right side of glutes. Curl your right toes under while pressing ball of foot into the floor through the heel. Keep bending your knee to floor and release. Repeat this exercise 5 times and then switch sides.

10. Crow Pose


yoga exercises


Press your palms into the floor and keep your feet hip-width apart. Then move your feet ahead until knees start touching the arms. Lift your heels up while bending bending your elbows and then keep your knees rested against outside the upper arms. Keep your toes intact with floor, engage your abs while pressing your legs against arms. Hold there for 5-10 breaths.




The yoga exercises discussed above are found to be very effective for the beginners who are intending to start yoga. if you intend to make yoga exercises a regular habit in your schedule, try to start up with the above mentioned yoga exercises.