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5 Chinese Customs that might Shock You

At the very beginning of this century China was seeing a steep upward growth in their economy especially their exports were moving uphill. Now in the middle of this decade they are almost on par with US economy. Which means trade between both the nations is also expanded. So obviously many of the US businessmen are visiting China to make deals face to face and going to different places there. As we know they have completely different customs and norms than ours but some of them are beyond crazy for our taste. Listing 5 of them you in case you go China, then you will go prepared for craziness.

1. Lack of line disciplinechinese

Being the most populated country has it’s perks, but it also comes with few glitches. So naturally there is bit of a chaos in their cities at different public offices. But people who visited china have seen even places where there is no rush or no jam pack crowds, people there also don’t care for lines either and just want to get ahead of everybody, well its a good thing they don’t have 40 something white guy there to punch them in the face.

2. ย Weird Yelling while Talking

Anywhere in the world if people talk loud or yell they are dubbed ignorant or characterless, but in china all do is yell and yell, sometimes its so loud it almost feels like they are screaming. Well it is because of the vocal characteristics of mandarin language also speaking loud there means that they are been understood.

3. Weird Chinese Food

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Chinese food in the States but we only eat the quarter of the food they have in China. I reckon most of you have watched the documentaries about Chinese slaughtering and eating dog meat, but the list is way long of their crazy food fetishes. Too only name a few things they eat will gross you out to your core. Below is a mini list of their food weirdness.

  • Frogs
  • Cockroaches
  • Stomachs of various animals.
  • Insects of almost every kind.




4. China, the nation of Spitters

Another annoying thing they do that in some countries will get you jail time. Chinese are a really bad spitters, in fact they are so akin to spitting that they do it involuntarily. And it is not even considered disrespectful there. Their government has taken up the issue to the public and has impose heavy fines, but these thing go very hard.


5. They don’t express their feeling to anyone.

And my anyone I mean everyone, their spouses included. Unlike us Chinese are very much an nation of introverts, always remain in their shells not dealing with emotional load they have on their shoulders. They also don’t indulge themselves in the happiness or even dismay of other. ย So you better behave as they do with each other or otherwise you will alienate yourself in China.