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Top 5 Adjustable Workout Benches for Exercising 2020

Top 5 Adjustable Workout Benches for Exercising

Staying fit has always been an essential part of our existence as human beings. Do we only need to stay fit or engage in exercises when we become pro athletes? Of course, the answer is a resounding No! Various medical and scientific research have shown that working out is good for the body and makes for a healthy lifestyle. One of the best ways to keep your body in a perfect shape is to ensure you are consistent and faithful with your exercise routines.

You can either choose to achieve this objective by going to the gym regularly or by doing your exercises at home. For those who do not fancy going to fitness centers or gyms because they love to exercise without feeling any external pressure, your house would be a better option. Or if you are not just comfortable going to the gym, then there is no need for you to feel inferior because you can equally become fit in your home.


Top 5 Adjustable Workout Benches Of 2020

Plenty thanks to manufacturers who are into exercise equipment because a lot of these devices are now designed and suited and safe for home use.

These items have been designed in such a way that they can last for a very long time even though they are built to be used in the home. They are equally designed to make you feel more comfortable as you undertake your workout routines, thanks to their padded seats and high density foams.

Does making use of an adjustable exercise bench mean you will be limited in the type of exercises you can engage in? Of course no.

This category of equipment has been masterfully designed to allow you engage in any workout type of your choice. With only a few adjustments, you will be up and ready for your next training session.

Take advantage of one of the many adjustable workout benches in the market and see what it means to become a fitness pro from the comfort of your bedroom. Here are the five best adjustable workout benches you can begin with.

FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench

Keeping fit with your workout regimens should not be a thing of discomfort as most people perceive it to be. Experts and researchers have been looking for ways to reduce the level of discomforts that one needs to experience during a workout session. FLYBIRD Adjustable, Multi-purpose Waist Bench is like a dream come true equipment for those seeking to achieve quality fitness with great comfort.

Besides the fact that it is a comfortable piece of exercise equipment, there are other thrilling reasons why you ought to engage your next dumbbell session on this remarkable bench. Not only that, if you prefer designs that will not take up too much space in your house after you done with your training sessions, then you have to get the FLYBIRD Adjustable, Multi-purpose Waist Bench.


  • Light, foldable bench that allows for portability and easy storage.
  • A maximum weight capacity of up to 620 pounds.
  • Outstanding for incline based workouts due to its adjustable seat positions
  • Reasonably priced
  • Back support adjustment angle up to 7.
  • It comes with a non-slip foot feature to keep you protected during workouts
  • Foam support for your foot. That’s to ensure your legs are fully cushioned in the process.


  • This lightweight bench may be damaged when it is subjected to heavy loads.
  • Upholstery warranty is not long.


Here are some interesting features that accompany the FLYBIRD Adjustable, Multi-purpose Waist Bench

  • Comfort – it has got long-lasting leather seats that will give your training the comfort it desires.
  • Hard & Sturdy – the question of whether this piece of equipment will last the test of time does not even arise because it is designed and built with commercial purpose steel pipes.
  • Easy adjustment – adjusting the FLYBIRD Adjustable, Multi-purpose Waist Bench comes with great ease, which will allow you to try different positions within short intervals, and with zero stress.
  • Saves space – when it’s not in use, the bench can be folded and kept inside your closet or hidden under your bed.
  • Cost-effective – having a backrest of 9.7 inches, 1.8 inches pad thickness, and a high-quality leather is about the best deal anyone can ever hope for when it comes to an adjustable workout bench.
flybird adjustable weight bench space saver folding
flybird adjustable weight bench automatic bolt locking


Dimensions are 49.2 inches (124.9cm) L x 15.7 inches (39.8 cm) W x 44.5 inches (113cm)  

Assembled weight is 26.6 lbs (12 kg)

flybird adjustable weight bench size specs


The FLYBIRD adjustable weight bench received 4.6 stars on Amazon with over 1,021 reviews.

XMark Commercial Flat Incline Decline Weight Bench

If you have been struggling to find the most suitable adjustable workout bench for your trainings and exercises, then you could go with XMark Commercial Flat Incline Decline Weight Bench because of its remarkable qualities. This is the perfect option for anyone who wants to turn their home into a convenient gym. Adjustable benches are becoming a common sight at fitness centers and gyms today, and the XMark Commercial Flat Incline Decline Weight Bench is one that fits that description nicely. With a warranty that covers almost a lifetime, this bench will allow you explore bench related exercises in various angles. Plus, the XMark Commercial Flat Incline Decline Weight Bench will always be a great choice for lifting your heaviest weights.


  • As an equipment that has been designed to offer nothing but premium quality, this remarkable weight bench is resistant to tear and wear, and is highly durable.
  • It can be easily moved between different positions because of the built-in wheels.
  • This bench doesn’t scratch easily due to the high-end metal that was used in manufacturing it.
  • Its excellent finish equally makes it a stylish accessory you can always showcase in your home anytime.


At this point in time users seem to be happy with this equipment.


Here you would find some of the mind-boggling features that have made the XMark Commercial Flat Incline Decline Weight Bench a popular demand for fitness fanatics.

  • It is designed with 7 adjustable positions from military press to decline position.
  • Made up of transport wheels for easy maneuverability
  • 2 inches by 3 inches commercial steel seat support, an adjustment rail, and a 500 pounds weight capacity
  • Contains high impact 3 inches extra thick cushions, commercial purposed foam, and sweat & tear resistant vinyl.

HJND Utility Weight Adjustable Bench

The 21st century fitness centers have adopted adjustable weight lift benches as the new secret of their success. You too can create a conducive and effective workout space with the HJND Utility Weight Adjustable Bench in your home. It empowers your training with a lot of flexibility.

This is such a comfort fulfilling equipment that you would not be discomforted in anyway as you engage your training sessions. Its rugged and inexpensive nature puts it as one of the best in its category. The HJND Utility Weight Adjustable Bench is a multipurpose weight bench that you need to add more fun to you working out efforts.


  • This space-saving equipment doesn’t occupy too much space after use.
  • It can be used for different types of workouts.
  • Made out of long-lasting commercial steel with great quality.
  • It’s easily foldable and portable. Ideal for families that are looking to maximize their space.
  • Assembling instructions are quite straightforward and simple to understand.
  • Contains anti-slip and foam padding for your feet, so you can always focus on your exercises.


Can’t seem to find any disadvantages with using this equipment yet.


A couple of features have made the HJND Utility Weight Adjustable Bench an outstanding trademark in the world of adjustable benches.

Here they are:

  • Can be set in different positions to allow you exercise various exercise protocols in interesting angles.
  • It is made with foam pads that are of high density and heavy duty steel, making the equipment reliable, comfortable and sturdy.
  • Designed and finished for easy assembling and storage.
  • Comprises foldable joints that can make you fold it without any challenges.
  • The padding is made of soft leather and high density foam so that your body will always remain in shape, while you undertake your workouts in a comfortable position.

RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Adjustable Weight Bench

Are you up for what will be one of your most memorable workout experiences?

The RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Adjustable Weight Bench will make virtually all your wish come true in this regards. This durable and adjustable piece of equipment will rock your training world to greater heights while enabling you acquire unquestionable fitness at great ease.

This easy to assemble piece is an excellent pick for burning calories, increasing your strength, defining your muscles, as well as increasing your stamina. This all in one equipment should be the number one ambition of anyone who seeks to get to the top of their fitness game.


  • Comes with long-lasting features that will make you use if for a long time.
  • You can develop your legs, crunches, twists at home due to its versatile build and design.
  • Adjustable position for a variety of workout types.
  • Padded with dense foam to ensure great comfort in the course of your exercises.
  • Good enough as a household fitness equipment. It has a weight capacity of about 400 pounds.
  • It reduces muscle and body fatigue as you work out.


  • Its lightweight nature may not be the best option for heavy load workouts.


  • Complete body workout features. It gives you the opportunity to work out every part of your body.
  • Rugged construction. Stability and longevity is totally guaranteed due to its super steel and triangular support design.
  • Adjustable bench. You are entitled to a variety of positions with the RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Adjustable Weight Bench.
  • Comfortable design. The design of this bench has been superbly orchestrated to ensure total comfort and convenience as you exercise.
  • It can accommodate up to 400lbs worth of weight.
  • Foldable designs. Easily fold and keep in a small space.
  • Assemble with great ease.

Flat to Incline Bench

The Flat to Incline Bench has certainly earned its reputation in the market as one of the strongest adjustable benches for working out. With a weight limit of 800 pounds, this bench can be used to carry just about everything. It has been designed with high quality foam to ensure you get the best of comfort as you undertake your workout routines. No matter how far gone you are into exercising, the Flat to Incline Bench will definitely give you a good level of assistance in your training sessions.

This remarkable equipment can be paired with other training equipment to give you maximum stability and safety while undergoing barbell exercise routines. Regardless of whether you prefer to do bench press or normal workouts, this beautiful piece is just what you need to execute any type of workouts.


  • Versatility is one of the advantages of using this equipment
  • Its ruggedness and sturdy nature does certainly mean that it will last you for a long time
  • Several adjustable formats from flat to military position. This will allow you execute various exercise routines that will be good for your personality.
  • It can be adjusted into any position without any stress.


  • Ideally, this type of equipment should not have any disadvantages because it can fully adjust from flat to almost angle you prefer for your inclining.


  • High quality foam padding, along with top class vinyl to provide you unrivaled comfort
  • Long lasting powdercoat paint makes it resistant to scratches, sweat and tear.
  • Adjustable incline for the seat and backrest to enable user get in any position of their choice.
  • Six adjustable positions for backrest and 3 adjustable points for the seat.
  • Steel tubing with 14 gage.
  • Foldable designs for easy storage to enable you save space.

Welding of the Flat to Incline Bench is in line with American Welders Society’s specifications.

Buying Guide

There are a lot of adjustable exercise benches in the market, and all of them have been designed for specific workout purposes. It will not be advisable for you to just walk into the market and collect any of them without knowing what you can achieve with it. The best workout benches are a combination of certain exciting features. These features are there to make sure you get the highest benefits of working out. Here are some of the features you ought to be on the lookout for:

Sturdy build

Buying a single exercise bench and using it for almost a lifetime doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Right? A sturdy, rugged and balanced structure are some of the first things you should look for in any adjustable waist bench. They are more reliable when they are made of commercially purposed steel and coated with materials that will prevent it from succumbing to environmental conditions.


Exercise routines are of different types. What you are hoping to achieve is what determines the kind of exercise you would engage in. If you want to develop your arms, you have to go for a different exercise drill than when you are aiming to develop other parts of your body. A good adjustable exercise bench should be versatile enough for you to engage any type of workout you please. Check for how many adjustable positions are available before you buy one.

Foldable designs

A workout fanatic that has an adjustable workout bench that is not foldable may have a little more to deal with in terms of space. Non-foldable adjustable workout benches are difficult to move about, and they are meant to occupy a fixed space in your house. That may not be a desirable quality if you lack adequate space in your home.

Ease of adjustments

It is one thing to be an adjustable workout bench, and it is entirely another thing to be adjustable without any efforts. Some of these equipment are adjustable but it can be a little difficult to do that. Before you settle for any choice of workout bench, ensure it can be adjusted into different positions with great ease.

Weight Capacity

Purchasing an adjustable bench that is very light for your exercise routines is not the best of decisions because it can be ruined if it is subjected to a weight that is above its capacity. If you are buying an adjustable workout bench, then make sure you are buying something that isn’t too light and that equipped with a balanced support structure. The more the weight capacity, the higher the chances of it withstanding more weights and not getting damaged in the process.

Get a design that matches with your home’s design

In many cases, a lot of users prefer to have their adjustable workout bench permanently mounted indoors where they can use it to achieve their training objectives. If you belong in this category, then you must get a design that matches with the theme of your home. Make sure the color you have chosen syncs with the decorative pattern of your home. That way, it will not only be the perfect exercising equipment, but it will also help to add glamour and beauty to your indoor space.


You don’t need to go to the gym or a fitness center if you don’t feel like. A life of fitness can also be achieved if you adopt an adjustable workout bench as your next training partner. Become a fitness professional by leveraging the adjustable positions that come with the workout benches that have been mentioned in this article. And also do not forget to watch out for durability features as that will enable you use the equipment for a long time to come. Versatility is key to attaining a good shape in every part of your body. We need to do our workouts as much as we can to stay healthy, and a convenient way to get this done is by making use of an adjustable workout bench.