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10 Cheating Signs You Can Bust to Save Your Relationship

cheating signs


Today, its very hard to maintain a long term relationship due to the lack of sincerity, honesty and pure love. When it comes to find a soul mate for you, it becomes very much impossible to rely on your partner completely because you don’t want to get hurt just in case.

10 Cheating Signs to Look For


It is not always a child’s game to spot a cheater in a relationship especially when they are very conscious with their distractions and alibis. Sometimes, it does happen that a relationship lasts for years without the other person getting even the smell of cheating. But there are a few irrefutable anomalies that cheaters forget to cover up in a relationship. Below is a list of 10 cheating signs that no cheater can avoid in a relationship.


1. Their Routine Turns Awkward.

Any relationship that is going on a positive track will eventually lead to a point where both the partners become used to each other and so is their schedule. They spend most of the time together despite busy routine or commitments. The first sign that cheaters show is an subtle change in their routine. It includes what they do in their spare time, when they are tired or hungry, or where do they go. If you are observing an abrupt change in your partner’s routine, pull up your socks because its time to talk straight to your partner.



2. Their Computer Becomes a Private Property

Internet has proven to be a legitimate tool to spot the cheaters. From social media on their laptop to instant messenger on their phone, plays a distinctive role in exposing your cheater partner. If they start being secretive about their computer or mobile and start hiding stuff from you, it might be a cause for concern.



3. They Become More Conscious about Their Style.

If your partner is working on a new hairstyle, a fresh look or new clothing, not to impress you, it is irrefutably a sign of concern for you. This can be an indication that they are trying to impress their new interest who differs from you in style and choices.



4. They Look for Private and Alone Time

Cheaters usually end up in despondent behavior and thus prefer to be alone to kill the feeling of guilt and dissatisfaction. They also have a heart who keeps blaming them about their double cross game. Spending time alone lets a cheater fight final battles with their hearts and overcome the feeling of guilt.



5. They Become More Sentimental and Pushy.


A cheater looks for excuses to argue with his/her partner and tries to end up the argument to pushing away the partner. They do it because they want to rid themselves of their partner to spend more time with their new interest.



6. There is an Abrupt Change in Their Bed Time Behavior


Couples are usually closer to each other when they are in bed together. If your partner’s behavior changes drastically, it means he/she is cheating on you. They may be more aggressive trying to cop up with the intimacy of their affair or they will suddenly show a lack of interest that depicts they are feeling guilty.



7. They Start Hiding Their Expenditures


Its a common practice in today’s relationships to share finances. What cheaters do is that they start trying to keep their expenditures secret that may contain hotels and restaurant bills or gift costs they put in for their affair. Cheaters definitely never want to evoke any doubts by sharing these info with their partners.



8. They Provide Vague Answers


If your partner used to get excited in telling you about a movie he/she watched last night and now he/she prefers to say “It was fine” or other vague answer, it is an irrefutable sign you are being cheated.



9. They Keep Their Phone Private


Texting has become the most practiced method of communication these days. If your partner starts being discrete or secretive about their texting or leaving the room more often just to text or make a call, it is a warning sign.


10. They Suddenly Develop a Lot of Interest in Exercise


The most amusing part of a long term relationship is the comfort level that partners have with each other. You partner won’t bother to stress him/her about exercise just to impress you because of the comfort level you both enjoy around each other. But if you observe your partner developing an extra ordinary interest in maintaining their physique through tough workouts or exercises, its a sign that they are impressing someone else. Beware!


The above mentioned cheating signs may be an indication that its time to talk to your partner. But every relationship has its own behaviors and  complications. So don’t try to take these cheating signs as a rule of thumb and don’t damage your relationship until you are 100% sure about your partner cheating on you. Use the above mentioned cheating signs as a basic guide to save your relationship from any chaos that might await you ahead. Use this guide wisely and accordingly.