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Law of Attraction: LoA and the Workplace

For those of you who are not budding entrepreneurs or seasoned business owners, you may still find many applications of the LoA when it comes to the workplace. In particular, you can use the LoA to improve your status within your peer group, to get raises, to get promotions, and to capture opportunities that might otherwise elude you. In this section, we will consider each of these possibilities.


LoA and Getting a Promotion

Getting a promotion is tricky business. Usually, it involves hard work, bargaining, and politics. Fortunately, you have a tool that many do not have at their disposal: the Law of Attraction. And you can apply it to ensure that you get promoted. How is this? Below, we’ll consider two different ways in which you can use the Law of Attraction to get a promotion:

Example #1: Using Focus and Visualization

One of the things that separate those who use the LoA from those who don’t is the ability of LoA users to stay focused on goals. For those who don’t use it (and this may include you until now), the connection between their goals and their actions isn’t always clear. Instead, they focus on one goal for a period of time, struggle to see how they can achieve it, and then move to the next.

Using focus and visualization is a critical part of ensuring that you achieve your goal of getting promoted. Instead of leaving yourself adrift in a sea of varying ambitions and ideas, you have to decide what it is that you want. That is part 1 of the LoA. And you’ve already decided: you want a promotion.

Part 2 requires you to focus narrowly on that goal and visualize it happening. Can you? If you can’t, then you may want to rethink whether you really wanted the promotion in the first place. If you encounter serious resistance, then you may want to truly ask yourself whether the increase in pay will be worth the increase in responsibilities.

If you can visualize this process, then it is important to do so regularly. This will keep you focused on your goal; and it will help you to find ways that you can attract that promotion into your life.

One thing you will notice as you go forward and practice your visualizations is a heightened sense of awareness of your goal. When you are at work, you will be highly conscious of what you are doing; and you will think about how it affects your probability of getting a promotion.

At first, this might seem like a bad thing, but in fact, it is one of the best ways to achieve positive outcomes. Instead of letting the world do as it pleases with you, you are going to take charge and determine how the world will be shaped according to your vision.

Example #2: Persuading Co-Workers and Bosses

In addition to using the LoA to focus on and visualize your promotion, you can also use the LoA in other ways to persuade co-workers and bosses to campaign for your promotion.

How can you do this? The short answer is that you can do so by using the power of positive thought. The longer answer is that practicing the LoA in the workplace will not only make you a more effective worker, but it will also encourage others to campaign for your promotion.

The reason for this lies in the essence of the LoA approach: to focus exclusively on how to overcome challenges, rather than on their existence itself. At first, this might seem overly-optimistic to your co-workers, but as bosses and co-workers alike see you in action, they will increasingly come to appreciate your approach.

Where others give up and conclude that a challenge is simply insurmountable, you will continue chipping away at the problem until you finally make a breakthrough. And you will do this precisely because you know that the LoA works; and that, by using it, you cannot only achieve success in the end, but leverage that success into a promotion.

With this said, you now have two powerful tools at your disposal when it comes to applying the LoA to get a promotion at work.