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Law of Attraction: Friendship

When it comes to relationships, the LoA has more to say. It not only instructs you on how to behave within romantic relationships, but also suggests what you might be doing wrong in friendships.

At first, your instinctive answer might be that you’re doing nothing wrong with friendships, but when you think about this longer, you might come to a different conclusion. Just think of all of the friends you have lost in the past who were supportive, kind, and loving. Why did you lose those friends? And wouldn’t your life be better if they had never disappeared to begin with? In a three-part continuing series, we will consider how the LoA suggests that you make and maintain friendships as well as how to mend broken friendships.

How to Make Friends

Not surprisingly, the LoA is very specific in terms of how it suggests that you make friends. Rather than suggesting that you should haphazardly fall into friendships and then maintain them once initiated, it suggests that focus, visualization, and goal-setting are key.

That is, rather than simply allowing friends to fall into place in your life, you should start by setting goals. You should decide that you want to make friends; and you should think about who they will be. Will they have similar jobs? Will they have the same education or training? Will they be able to help you in a certain way? Will you be able to reciprocate?

Once you answer these questions and fix yourself on a goal, it is time to focus and visualize. Imagine these friends; and visualize them coming into your life, as you meet them and interact with them in your daily life.

Furthermore, as you meet new people, incorporate them into your visualizations. See how you imagine them to play a role in your life. Do they improve it? Do they make you a better person? Do they enable you to do things that you otherwise couldn’t?

Of course, you can’t know all of this information in advance. As you learn more about a person, you also learn more about the role that person might play in your life. For this reason, you will have to re-visualize and make these decisions as you go.

Remember, too, that the LoA would suggest that you go through the same process for existing friends. Simply because you have known a person for a long time doesn’t necessarily mean they are a positive influence on your life.

If you can visualize your life improving with the constant negativity of a certain friend, you may want to either encourage that friend to become more positive; or find ways to distance yourself from the friend, so that you do not find yourself becoming increasingly cynical and negative yourself.