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10 Richest Gay People in the World Today

There was a time when gay people were too hesitant to disclose their sexual interests due to the fact that they were misbehaved and weren’t given at equal status in the society. A few decades ago, gay people were unable to get the jobs that they really deserved and they were suppressed just because they were homosexual. But recently, this biased approach has been eradicated and gay people are getting the same social status as straight. The gay community has recently grown up and this list contains a lot of big entrepreneurs, businessmen, famous celebrities and industrialists in it. Many of these big guns have also come up with their status thus empowering other gay people in the world.

10 Richest Gay People:

We have compiled a list of top ten richest gay people in the world who are also ranked among the icons in the world. Have a look at these inspirational personalities who have contributed a lot to this world through their success stories and are know as the richest gay people alive today.

10. George Michael

richest gay people

George Michael has been a member of one of the top music bands known as “Wham” along with Andrew Ridgeley. This band came up with all time hits like “Wake me up before you go-go”. After spending six years with this band. Michael tried his luck in a solo career and this success extended for like a decade. He had always been reluctant to disclose his bisexuality until in 1990’s when he came up with it in the public that he was gay. All these years, even his own family wasn’t aware of his bisexuality preferences. He has been into the jail and rehab many times but it never disturbed his finances and today his net worth is almost $160 million and he is ranked 10th in the richest gay people.


9. Lady Gaga

gay person


Well, there is no one in this world who is not aware of or has heard of Lady Gaga. She is ranked a the top rock singer and has become the greatest show biz icon in the last decade. Lady Gaga was born with the name of Stefani Germanotta but she preferred to change her name to some memorable one and came up with the new name that everyone knows today. She was out of the New York University and intended to start a rock band. It was Akon who took notice of her amazing performances in rock and got her signed up with Sony. Since that day, Lady Gaga has produced a lot of hit songs that have ruled the top charts for long periods of times. She disclosed her bisexual interests after the release of her music video for “Poker Face”. Since then Lady Gaga has been a contributing ambassador for LGBT rights. Due to her fame and involvement in LGBT rights, she has become a big icon for the gay community. Gaga has also contributed a big part of her wealth for this cause too and is ranked 9th in the richest gay people list.

8. Elton John

gay celebrities

Elton John, originally named as Reginald Dwight, ditched his birth name once he started his career as a music artist. Since the beginning of his music career in 1960s, Elton released a lot of hit that reached the top 40 charts. During his splendid career of almost 3 decades, he also had at least one song in the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Elton used to dress in very strange and interesting ways that lead to various questions on his sexual interests. Elton announced his bisexual inclination in 1970s and came us a complete gay in 1988. John and David Furnish (his partner) were among the first couples who got married in England when homosexuality and bisexuality were legalized in England. they have been in a relationship for nearly a decade now and Elton is considered to hit number 8 in the richest gay people list.

7. Tim Gill

top gay people

Tim Gill was born in the small town of Hobart, Indiana but he soon shifted to Colorado where he perused his studies and attended college. Tim was employed at Hewlett Packard just after his graduation. he left the job soon as he intended to start his own business. So he managed to borrow a loan of $2000 and built Quark Inc; a platform that created page layouts for computers. Quark grew enormously and was worth $1 Billion within a decade. Back in 2000, Tim decided to cut half his full time computer business and sold 50% shares of his business Quark. After that, he got enough time to start charity work and formed his own organization to protect gay and lesbian people of Colorado. Gill got married to Scott Miller in 2009 and the couple has been living together since then. The couple went famous in Massachusetts that was the first state to allow gay marriage. Tim Gill is at number 7 in the list of the richest gay people.

6. Chris Hughes


Chris Hughes is famous for his contribution in building the largest social networking network Facebook. While he was studying at Harvard, his roommate was Mark Zuckerberg and due to his efforts, Chris had been spokesman of Facebook for a remarkable period of time. Later he was also editor of publisher of The New Republic and he managed to buy the magazine soon after he had earned a lot of money. As Chris had remarkable knowledge of the internet, he was chosen as the online organizer for Obama’s first presidential campaign. Hughes never made a loud announcement that he was gay but it was gradually known in public. He married Sean Eldridge back in 2012. Chris Hughes is listed 6th among the richest gay people with a net worth of $700 million.

5. Jann Wenner

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Rolling Stone Magazine cannot be go unnoticed when we talk of the famous  publications in the media history. The co founder of this hit magazine is none other than Jann who also serves as the publisher of this magazine. Due to its remarkable contribution to music industry, Rolling Stone Magazine has also given Jann the honor to be listed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Beside this successful magazine, Wenner also runs two other magazines known as Men’s Journal and Us Weekly. Jann Wenner has played a vital role in music industry plus he has also even produced many hits and movies. He was married to Jane Schindelheim and the couple stayed together for almost 30 years till Jann revealed that he was gay. After his announcement, Jann has been living together with Matt Nye for almost two decades. Nye is a famous fashion designer and they both have also adopted three children. Jann Wenner has a net worth of $700 million and is ranked 5th in the list of richest gay people.


4. Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is ranked among the top highly selective fashion designers alive today. Being a son of a model, Kros grew up with a good taste at dresses and a habit to appreciate adorable designs. He initiated his own fashion designing business while he was still living with his parents and made a lot of success at that. He then launched a sports wear line that was later sold out to one of the highest retailers in the United States. Being a highly selective fashion designer, Kors has very high profile people in his friend list including the first lady Michelle Obama. He has been designing red carpet dresses for high profile Hollywood celebrities for years. He announced his sexual preferences long time ago and got married to Lance LaPere back in August 2011. Having a net worth of $780 million, Michael Kors is at no. 4 in the richest gay people list.


3. Jon Stryker


It was Homer Stryker, Jon’s grand father who laid down the foundations of Stryker corporation 70 years ago that he later passed to his son Lee Stryker. After the tragic death of Lee in a plane crash, there was a huge void in the corporation that desperately needed to be filled. Jon was a student in the college at that time but he managed to control the corporations. Jon has put in too much effort in the Stryker Corporation that has made him a billionaire along with his two siblings. He was married for long time and had two kids till he announced he was gay. He has donated a lot of his wealth to charities including LGBT community. Jon was one of the most active proponents who tried to make the same sex marriage legalized in the state of Minnesota. With a net worth of $1.2 Billion, jon stands at no 3 in the list of richest gay people in the world.


2. Peter Thiel


Peter Thiel who was born in Germany moved to United States along with his parents when he was just one year old. He proved his smartness by being a Chess Master at a very young age. he perused his education from Standford University and acquiring his J.D from the institution. Later, he co founded PayPal that is the most secure online transactions platform. Peter’s portfolio isn’t limited to just Paypal; he is also one of the biggest investor in major companies including Clarium Capital, Founders Fund and Facebook. He has always been an active member in the movements for gay people and is also a member of the Libertarian party. He has a net worth of $3 billion and is listed 2nd in the richest gay people.


1. David Geffen

rich people

David Geffen was born in New York but moved to Texas to peruse his education. Later he was dropped out of the school to try his luck in entertainment. He worked in various companies and earned enough money to start his own record label. The first Geffen label was initiated with Elliot Roberts named as Asylum Records. After a short period of time, Geffen started Geffen Records along with Ed RosenBlatt. Within short interval of time Geffen Records became one of the largest record labels in the world along with clients such as John Lennon and Elton John. When Geffen publicly announced he was gay, he instantly became the richest person among the richest gay people in the world with a net worth of $5.5 Billion. He has contributed a lot of his wealth in the movements for the gay rights across the globe. He currently tops the richest gay people list with a net worth of $5.5 Billion.