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At Home Workout 5-21-2021

At Home Workout 5-21-2021 Complete Set 2x for best results Push yourself and focus on form 🙂 Mountain Climbers Dumbbell Combos Bicycles Dumbbell Combos Floor

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Dumbbell Madness! 5-14-2021

Dumbbell Madness! 5-14-2021 Complete Set 4x for best results Push yourself and focus on form 🙂Dumbbell Bicep Curls Dumbbell Presses Dumbbell Cross Body Curls Dumbbell

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5 Facebook Ads Mistakes to Avoid

Age of Facebook Ad campaigns

Back in the good old days marketing was considered an art of your social and visual skills, as how to attract more people by clever drama and imagery. But know Facebook and Google have changed the dynamics of marketing and art of it, and it is now merely a game of how much capital you have. Facebook after introducing their ads has dramatically changed the name of the game. to most of the businesses it has given very awesome results, but some people are still trying get the good from their ads and how to use them for maximum gain.

So here today we will discuss some big no nos when it comes to marketing your business through Facebook ads. Here are Top 5 mistakes people do in their Facebook ad campaigns and how to avoid them.


1. Choice of Image and Quantity

Several users of Facebook ad campaigns have pointed out that most of the people use only one image in their single ad campaign spanning more than a week, and it has proven to be a negative towards campaign. What you need to do to have full advantages is that you should have always more images than the number of days that single campaign will run. As it will give your audience a refreshed feeling everyday and showing that you care for user’s experience.

2. Wrong target Audience

Well this is the most basic thing for any kind of marketing or ad campaign. You should know who your audience is and all the attributes regarding them. But more than 70% people who run ad campaigns have done the same mistake again and again, and it has gotten them nowhere. If you are having difficulties finding the right target then do some research and find out the right audience for you product you want to market.

3. Ad campaign too short

Thing that stays true in all ads is that no marketing has ever gone wasted. But in case of online ad campaigns it is sure that you are gaining something out of it. So when people start getting sales and driven their businesses well through campaigns, they stop the ads. But in case of Facebook ads it has been seen that longer the ad campaigns more you are getting out of it. Longer ads have low rate per like, than short ones, and also the number of people reached in a day increases as the days passes. And that can only be possible in longer ad campaigns.

4. Non-Buyers


That is a tricky part, their is no option in Facebook to exclude the non-buyers from audience, so you have to be really intuitive about, for instance if your product is related to the online social entrepreneurship, then you should include people between age 16 to 28 years as in this age period people are exploring different fields for future. But people who are aged above 35 are well settled and will not respond to your ads.

5. Low rate of Threshold

This might be a bit controversial to some, but I think it is a very crucial mistake people make running ads. By threshold rate means is the capital you will pay when a certain amount worth of ads have been ran on Facebook. If it is less than $50 then you are not getting most for you bucks. It sounds silly but it is true as I have been victim of this very thing in my campaigns too. Also if you have a considerable amount of reach then your daily budget should be always equal to or a bit higher than your threshold. Again they do matter whether it makes sense or not.

Facebook ads is a great way to get your business going in a right direction if you know how to mend them in your favor and reap the benefits from it.