The internet has become so much sophisticated and advanced and the interesting news is that there are thousands of people who are making money with the blogs and websites they own. Setting up a blog isn’t a big science rather it’s as easy as setting up a new facebook account. Once you have set up a blog and you think it has attained a decent amount of traffic, you can make money with your blog using hundred of monetizing methods available on the internet. Below are discussed top 10 ways you can implement on your blog or website to monetize it.

1. Google Adsense

The most famous and obvious way that almost all the bloggers opt to make money with the blog is Google Adsense. Once you have set up a blog and it has a good reputation and ranking over the internet, you can apply for a Google adsense account. Once they have reviewed your account and approved it, they then tend to display relevant ads on your blog depending on the nature of the content of your blog. Once the visitors click on these ads, you are paid a specific amount of amount per click depending on the nature and niche of the ads.

2. Direct Advertising

If you think Google adsense is not that much rewarding or your website visitors are not tending to click on the ads, you can also skip advertising by Google and go in for direct advertising. If you are much confident about the performance of your website, you can place a ‘Advertise with us” page on your blog and mention the potential traffic and other stats of your blog that should include monthly pageviews, visitors and the ranking of your website in search engines for the keywords you are targeting. The product vendors or companies can request you for displaying their products or services banners or textual ads on your ads for an agreed amount per month. The advantage of direct advertising over Google adsense is that you don’t have to worry about the clicks or impressions of the ads displayed on your website. The amount is already decided between you and the advertisers. This method is found to be more lucrative because you independently set the rates and advertisers tend to pay higher for niche audience.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a proactive form of advertising. You put links on your website to the websites of merchants. When one of your users clicks on a link a cookie tells the merchant that the user was directed to them via your site. If that user then goes on to make a purchase you get a percentage of the sale.

So, the more traffic you convert, the more money you will make. You just have to work out strategies to get people interested in your content first. And then find a strategic (and not sleazy) way to get people to click on the links.

4. Email Marketing

You can incorporate other strategies on this list to make money from email marketing. Your website or blog can become the tool that builds up your email list. Once you have built trust among your audience and they assume you as a reliable source of useful information, you can bring in some sales for your own products or the affiliate products.

5. Make Money with Website Flipping

An idea to make money from a blog or website is to sell it. To do this you will have to:

  • Find a niche
  • Build a robust and attractive website
  • Get traffic and build up an audience
  • Find a buyer

All of these ideas have one thing in common – they are not get-rich-quick schemes. If you focus first on creating helpful content and building your community, then these ideas can come into play. Making money from your blog takes time to develop and grow. But it’s possible with the right strategy in place.


6. Sell Digital Products Through Your Blog

You can create digital products. Ebooks are one of the most popular forms of digital product. They are good because they are easily put together, particularly if you write regularly about a specific topic.

Other digital products you can create as spin-offs from your website include e-courses, webinars or online workshops. And if you are technical or creative you can sell things like website templates, photographs, or illustrations.


7. Sponsored Posts

Writing a sponsored post means you work with a company and make money when you write a post about their product or service. Be upfront and disclose your relationship to your readers. Keep sponsored posts to a minimum so you don’t turn off readers.

If you read blogs, you’ve probably seen sponsored posts. They can be spotted by the disclosure stating something like, “This post was sponsored by [company] but all opinions are mine.”

Find examples of sponsored post details and rates on Life Your Way.


8. Amazon Associates

The Amazon Associates program allows you to make money by earning a portion of sales when people click-through from your blog to and make a purchase.

You only earn money when people buy something from the web giant and the amount you earn varies based on what people order and how many people purchase through your links.

The Associates program works best for people whose blog focuses on products and shopping in someway. You’ll earn more money if people are in a shopping mood when they visit your site.


9. Sell A Service

Selling a service is basically you selling your time. It can be consulting, freelance works, design work, anything really that is about people paying you for your knowledge “your expert”

You can honestly sell anything your good at.

> Good at writing? Sell articles, press releases and blog post writing services.

> Good at design? Sell blog design, template design and graphic design services.

> Good at public speaking? Sell public speaking services.

> Good at home decorating? Sell a interior design service.

You get the point, if you think about it, you can come up with something you know enough about to justify charging people for your time, be creative.


10. Write Review About The Products

Many of the review you read about various products are paid reviews. Yeah.. It’s the harsh truth.

Companies pay big amount to bloggers for writing positive reviews about the products.So you can pitch some companies and ask them to write reviews about their products and promote it with your blog’s authority.



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