Who in the world doesn’t hate those weird looking creepy crawlies, jumping up and down giving you the weirdest of feelings? Well that might change for you after you are done reading this very article. What if I tell you there is a spider that is good for you rather than being able to sting you. Well that is actually true in case of this magnificent beast. This very spider is native dweller found in Far East of Africa and has a biological name “Evarcha Culicivora” and I do know how to pronounce it, in case you are wondering.

They are commonly known as “Vampire Spiders”.

jumping spider

Well it is not like they are unlike other spiders, they may jump on you sporadically, love the scent of your body and blood. But the thing that discriminate them from normal creepy spider is that they are completely harmless to us humans. So if they are not of any danger, and very much harmless, then why I am writing about them anyway? Well here is a surprise for you, the new research has shown that these things from Africa have the tendency of curing malaria indirectly.

University of Canterbury in New Zealand has conducted a new study about these little angels, like what is their habitat, what they eat, how do they survive in the extreme wilderness of Africa, and what separate them from other spiders. Researchers have also found that Evarcha Culicivora has a specific taste for Anopheles responsible for malaria. They usually prey on the blood of that mosquito indirectly helping people to keep malaria away. Let’s talk a bit about Anopheles, as they are responsible for most human deaths from a living creature human themselves excluded. We will talk about that later.

In pre-renaissance era, malaria was the most dangerous diseases of them all, wiping almost quarter of the population. But after 2000 they have reduced to half a million, but that is still quite a number to bear. Most of the deaths accounted for are ironically from Africa and most of them are children. So naturally scientists are really working hard to find a permanent cure for malaria.


Now let’s talk about the not so friendly relation between Anopheles and Evarcha Culicivora. As mentioned above these things love the smell and taste of our blood but here is that catch, that blood of ours they crave is not in our veins but in the body of that anopheles, as those spiders are not made to bite or sting humans, they don’t have the right “tools” for it.


This aspect of their’s have especially fascinated the researchers as this has never been heard before. So they might have come from heaven corroborating that God do exist.

Let’s be honest they are godsend and very helpful towards us, but no one will have them in their home for them to keep Anopheles away, as humans naturally dislike the spiders no questions asked and it will not be like they will wake up one day and suddenly starting loving the spiders , but until they do scientists have to figure out a way to not creep out humans and also reap the benefits of those magnificent beastly spiders and will help save our children.

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