Pupils who study maths in their high schools often find maths not very useful in their daily life. But it should be reminded to them that maths is the basic ingredient in managing your own business, as it is era of entrepreneurship and being your own boss. Business is not only a skill of creating some products or providing some services. But it caters all the techniques you would need like you would have in a high level job, only difference is you are doing all the hard work for yourself and not some angered up manager at your job.

So here are few things in your business where basic maths would be of prime importance.


1. Business Production Costs


Before being able to establish your business from the scratch, it is very important to know your costs of establishing, costs of production, and other marketing costs. Calculating those costs are not so easy task if you are illiterate in maths. If you want to be in competition with other companies being in a same business as you, then you should be able to analyze those costs of production, so you can be ahead of your competitors at all the times.

2. Pricing of Products


This is probably the most important of the bunch, as it determines how you will do in the industry. The pricing should not be so low that people will start questioning your products’ quality and neither it should be so high that you will be out priced by your competitors, and to know all that you should be able to calculate all perimeters which will be your building blocks in calculating your final pricing of the products.

3. Profit Calculation


The owner of any business should be very much a literate in analyzing the profits of the business, so you are not being deceived by your partners or your employees. By calculating your final and net profits at the end of any time period, you should minus your cost of production, marketing costs, and operating expenses from your net amount of sales, and their you have your net profits.

So in the end by using those maths skills you learnt in your high school you can easily manager and using them you can very much impact your business in financial manners and drastically improve your finances at micro level, it will help you take you business to the next level and become the true entrepreneur that you wanted to be.

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