In part two of a three-part series on the Law of Attraction and friendship, we previously explored the topic of finding and making new friends. For this next series, in addition to finding potential friends, you will also want to use the LoA to evaluate and strengthen existing relationships. As you know well, if you don’t put enough effort into a friendship, you will drift apart from the other person; and may eventually go your own way, never to return.

For this reason, you will want to use the LoA to visualize the outcomes of your friendships. Focus on which friends are valuable and could reasonably be good, long-term friends. And consider also who does not play an important role in your life; or who usually plays an overwhelming negative role.

In short, decide who it is you want to get closer to; who it is you are uncertain about; and who it is you would like to distance yourself from. From there, use the power of visualization to determine how your relationships will change.

Visualize yourself contacting your negative friends less frequently. Or imagine how you can interact with them in ways so that they play a strictly positive role in your life. But whatever you do, do not visualize yourself in the position you are in now—where a persistently negative friend brings you down and discourages you, and you do nothing about it. For those friends you wish to get closer to, focus on ways in which you can draw them closer.  Instead of vaguely seeing how they play a role in your life, imagine how you might control the role that they play in your life, so that both you are better off for it.

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