Another way in which you can apply the LoA to your workplace is to improve your relationship with your co-workers. At first, you might not think this is terribly important, but in fact, it can make the difference between a very gloomy, depressing day at work and a pleasurable day at work.

So, instead of being outwardly cynical and derisive towards your co-workers, find ways to improve your relationships with them. But before you do this, start by convincing yourself that it is a worthwhile goal, as the LoA instructs. Once you have convinced yourself that it is worthwhile to improve your atmosphere at work by developing stronger relationships with your co-workers, you can then move forward from there.

The next step, of course, is visualization. You will have to imagine how it is that you will move forward from your current position. You will have to connect the dots in your mind by visualizing how you will become closer with your coworkers; and how you will position yourself to be helpful and friendly.

In brief, making these slight changes can have a significant impact on your environment at work. Not only will you look forward to seeing your co-workers, but you will also drop the mindset that you are all competing in zero-sum game. Additionally, you may find it encouraging to go to work each day when you know you will be greeted by friends who care about you, rather than people who are scheming to snatch that promotion ahead of you.

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