LoA and Goals

If you’re like most people, you set goals all the time, but you rarely realize them. Many people, for instance, commit themselves to a particular New Year’s resolution, but do not ever follow through. You may be guilty of this, too.

If you have an interest in changing this—in finding a way to assure that you accomplish your goals—then the Law of Attraction can be a life-changer.

Why is this? Because the LoA is all about goals and achievement. It contains a well-known truth: that the difference between those who succeed and those who fail is often a very slim margin. The ones who succeed were willing to stay with a goal for just a little bit longer; and the ones who failed gave in.

With this said, let’s take a look at two examples of how you can apply the LoA to goals in your personal life:

Example #1: Weight Loss

Perhaps you’ve been trying to lose 20 pounds for years, but have never succeeded. In the past, you’ve decided to do it multiple times, but you simply never followed through. Using the LoA, you can now achieve this goal with much less effort, suffering, and internal struggle.

You can start by fixing your focus on the goal: weight loss. Decide that it is something you need to do. Find reasons to support this goal; and constantly remind yourself of these reasons.

Once you have truly accepted that this goal is worthy of the struggle it will bring, move into the visualization phase. Imagine how you will lose that weight. See yourself working hard and the gym; and making difficult dietary choices that require sacrifice.

Next, visualize how making these changes will improve your life. See yourself in the future after you have slimmed down. Do you feel healthier? Less self-conscious? Perhaps you feel more attractive and self-confident?

These are all important things to see and to realize. And there’s no better way to do it than using the LoA. Just remember: if you want to attract a slimmer version of yourself into your life, then you will need to fix your mind on that image.

Finally, open yourself to the realization of the goal. In those strange moments where you suddenly doubt whether you really want to be 20 pounds slimmer, push back and affirm your original goal. You have made the right choice and you know it, so do not let conflicting feels pull the rug out from under your progress.


Example #2: Personal Growth

From time to time, we become bored with the status quo and wonder what our lives might be like if we had spent the time to develop a skill or learn a craft. For instance, you might wonder how your life would be if you had continued to play the saxophone; or if you had learned more art.

These are all legitimate longings; and each presents us with a possibility for personal growth and greater life satisfaction. However, if we ever want to experience the pleasure of playing an instrument skillfully or practicing another craft expertly, then we will have to spend and effort to improve our skills.

Fortunately, the LoA explains precisely how we can do this. We can start by truly deciding what we want to do it; and once we do that, we can fix it as our goal. For instance, decide that you want to play the saxophone.

Now, if this not truly something you want to do, then don’t make it a goal. Only make it a goal if it is something you truly want in your life; and if it is truly something you believe will make your life better in tangible ways.

With your goal fixed, visualize how you will attain it. Will you practice three times a week? Should you practice in the morning or after work? Will you invite your family to be a part of it? Might you find other musicians and play your instrument with them?

Finally, open yourself to the realization of the goal. Imagine that it is one year in the future and you have become an accomplished sax player. How do you feel about this vision? Are you uneasy with it? Do you strangely feel unsatisfied with it, as if you were truly interested in the chase, not the realization?

Well, get over these feelings of uneasiness. The final stage of the LoA involves becoming comfortable with the realization of your goals. And this is precisely what you have to do if you wish to be successful.

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