What is Stress?

Stress is a natural occurring phenomenon that is an inbuilt instinct of a human being. It happens in case of any tense situation or any event that does not happened in your life frequently and is a shock to you. Sometimes stress is good for your health. It helps in motivation, often compels to do a good job, to strive for good, have a healthy competition with others, taking care of yours and others’ needs and fulfill your duties in your professional social life. But recurring tense situations and increasing stressful routine can be really harmful for your health. It can cause trauma, high blood pressure leading to brain hemorrhage or heart failure,nervous breakdown, illness and sickness of many sorts. Therefore, it is very necessary to cope with the situation and learn some techniques that can help you to relieve yourself from daily tensions and have a good relaxing experience.

Techniques to handle stress



1.     Engaging in any physical activity

Involving yourself in sports, exercise or any such type of physical activity that can shift your focus can be useful. You don’t have to be a very good sportsman or give hours in gym or walk miles daily. It just has to be a simple activity that involves your body and soothes your mind. Yoga is a very gyogaood practice. There are certain yoga practices that can help relieve your mind. Simple walking or running while listening music especially in the early morning also helps to a great extent.

While doing exercise of any sort, try to focus on the movements of your body and synchronize your breath accordingly. This helps a lot in relieving muscular tensions. Try to involve yourself in activities that are continuous and rhythmic like dancing, swimming, running, or walking.

2.     Try avoiding stressful situations

There are many things in life that can be distressful to you. Like someone hates going to a particular place or somebody not like to have a certain food. It varies with the personality. These are known as stressors and your nervous system automatically triggers a response when a particular stressor happens at any specific time. Not always you are able to do something about it. So, it will be better to ignore it. Learn to say no to stressful situations. You don’t have to be rude or harsh about it. Just a simple apology can help avoiding it. Accept the situations that you can’t change. It may be harder but in the long run it is much easier than criticizing the situation you can’t change.

3.     Social Engagement

“Man is a social animal” is a famous quote and every one of us wants to live in a good society with good people. Why is that? Because, you want to share your experiences with your loved ones. You know that your friends and family are out there to help you and you are there to help them. That’s why socializing is the most rapid, efficient and effective way to relive tension. When you talk to a friend or family member or anyone who cares for you, you feel relieved as somebody has taken half of burden from you.

On the contrary, if you are alone and isolated, and you don’t share your problems, you become more vulnerable to stress.

4.     Meditation

Meditation is an old practice used for a long time now by the humans as mental relief exercise. When we hear the name of Buddha or saints, they spend hours daily meditating. There ameditationre different techniques in meditation which can take the stress away.

There is a simple technique for stress relief. Lay down on floor or grass or sit in the meditating position. Close your eyes and think that the sky is green and green lines are falling from the sky. These lines start to pass from your body and take the redness of your body with them and go into the ground. Before doing this, you have to clear your mind so that you can concentrate on the process. This is a simple technique but is very effective if practiced for about at least 15 days regularly.

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    We all need some good #stressmanagement tips for everyday life. We become so consumed with the hectic technology driven lifestyles that sometimes we simply forget to relax and have some ME time!

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