Japan is an island nation and very well-known country due to a popular tourist place. There are a lot festivals happen in Japan throughout the year like Cherry Blossom festivals and beautiful site of fireworks during summers and many more festivals like these. If you talk about dancing, a new event in Yokohama is getting too much attention from kids and adults. In this event you will see a bunch of Pikachu walking around the city.

Pikachu is very famous cartoon character. Pikachu is very cute and it was a character and animation of a game known as Pokémon. It is just like mouse with a tail and cute red cheeks and yellow fur.

So if you know Pikachu and crazy about this cartoon then you surely got to see this very fun event which happens in Yokohama.


This festival is known as “Odoru Pikachu Tairyou Hassei-chu!”, and is weeklong event which includes more than 1000 Pikachu dancing, marching and playing with all those people who came there to see them.

The army of Pikachu perform in different areas of city. Different types of performances can be seen at different places like shopping malls, car exhibition of Pokemon at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse and many more like this.

Pikachu’s March

The festival also has a grand march of the Pokemon and it is very easy on the eyes and they all seem very cute walking with that smile on.

The Stomp Show

The Pikachu in the sailor’s Uniform with all the other actual sailors, looks too good to watch. And later they perform on the stage with the sailors.

Car for Fans

People got to ride in the fantasy vehicle designed from the fans of it and it did drive very well.

Pokemon Center in Yokohama.

A cute and small fan of Pokemon walking out of the Pokemon center in Yokohama.


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