Top 5 Running Shoes 2020

With several running shoes recently released to ensure that athletes and fitness enthusiasts enjoy their passion, only a select few of these come with the right blend of features to produce that perfect running shoe. The following are the top 5 running shoes for 2020.

1). Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit

If you feel that every other running shoe has been weighing you down and making you lose distance, the Zoom Fly Flyknit from Nike can deliver you from this setback. Designed to be a lightweight shoe, it feels like wearing a bootie or a sock, and furthermore, it fits snug to your feet and has a good air flow design. While it has a minimalist form and feels lightweight, it offers much more functionality such as an arch support and a good structure to protect the feet. More essentially, the primary feature of this shoe which will endear top athletes and fitness experts to the product is the ability of the sole of the Zoom Fly Flyknit to help the runner lightly spring up off their feet and softly land with their heels. It is a top running shoe to be purchased in 2020.

2). Mizuno wave inspire 15

This pair of running shoes is best suited for anyone who need that extra boost of speed and velocity when they are running. As a top running shoe for 2020, it is a springy and supportive shoe that is indeed meant to last. While running with the Mizuno wave inspire 15, it is as well known fact that you feel propelled, due to the sole that responds to the impact with the ground. Furthermore, it prevents the tendency for any runner to over-pronate when running. While the mizuno may serve as an inspiration to many runners, they get to feel comfortable in it as well. This is due to its breathability, snug fitting ability and its ergonomics.

3). Asics GEL-DS Trainer 24

The latest stunning shoe update from Asics is best suited for any runner that is looking for a recent release of the timeless running shoe. Technically, numerous fitness experts choose Asics for one primary season: They manufacture standard running shoes that are stable and long-lasting. Previously, most runners while praising Asics have always been of the view that their shoes are rather clunky. However, the GEL-DS Trainer 24 clearly avoids this disadvantage. This specific edition of the running shoes from the company also comes with the tested arch support that most people had expected from Asics, in addition to the lightweight, breathability and flexibility of shoes from the brand.

    4). Skechers Gorun Ride 7

    With several quality sneakers for running and casual purposes, it is only right that one of the leaders of the production of sports shoes gets mentioned here. The Gorun Ride 7 is designed for runners who need a shoe that comes with a bounce and cushion, but yet affordable. It was built to be comfortable, whereas it is similar to the Hoka in its comfort and snug fitting features. However, the Gorun Ride 7 has a slightly increasingly price point. Besides the cushiness of the shoe, the wide platform of the sole stabilizes the strides of the runner and makes the foot to lurch forward in a more propulsive manner. But this single feature could easily mean that you get to have surprisingly loud landings which some runners have announced comes with the shoe. While most runners that have been able to witness the performance of the Gorun Ride 7 in action, they have described the shoe as a lightweight shoe and have associated the clunkiness of the shoe to its ergonomic design.

    5). Hoka One One Bondi 6

    With this recent product from the relatively new sneaker brand, runners that want a maximum cushion from their running shoes can finally breathe a sigh of relief. This cushioning that is rather plush offers a seriously comfortable feeling. From having the feeling of walking in a trampoline to making you enjoy running once more after a foot pain, the Bondi 6 does it all. While its cushioning will shield your feet from feeling the ground underneath you, if you regularly deal with pain or sensitivity when you run, then these shoes are a great alternative for you.

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