After years of research and development, technology finally entered the vast market of weight loss products. Most people will spend money to try out these new products because everyone wants to look good. Similarly, the Le Vel products have taken the world by storm and have grossed more than a billion in just over five years, which is absolutely remarkable.

The most popular of all these products is the DFT. This product is a patch, which sticks onto your skin on the lean parts such as the biceps and in turn keeps absorbing nutrients through your skin and into your bloodstream.


This product mentioned above is attached to your skin and sends nutrients into your body that allow you to lose weight. A very efficient weight management process through these patches supplements the nutrition support. It allows the user to stay active and fresh with a better metabolism system and appetite control.

The Derma Fusion Technology allows this product to work to perfection and give what it promises to; a healthier daily lifestyle. This ‘wearable nutrition’ transfers the nutrients that the body requires to keep energized and the user will feel a serious change in their work ethic throughout the day.

Purpose and benefits

This highly recommended DFT patch allows lipid metabolism, which means that fat is burned and ensures that your weight is carefully managed and looked after. It provides support to your appetite through its next level evolution formulae. Greater absorption of nutrients takes place or in fancier words, it provides better bioavailability.

This product is highly effective and has exploded since coming into the market just over 5 years ago. Here is now a DFT 2.0 patch too and it exceeds all expectations by bringing in new ingredients and nutrients too. Expect better gains in the gym too because when you feel fresh and sharp, you will be able to exercise like never before and lift heavier.

thrive patch dft weightloss lose weight

Some of the ingredients contained in this are:

  • ForseLean 95
  • Guarana
  • Green Tea
  • Coenzyme
  • CoQ10

Many of the ingredients included are natural ones, which is proof of how safe it is to use the patch. Cosmoperine is the main ingredient in all of this technology and is critical to the whole process as it is responsible for allowing the ingredients and nutrients to be absorbed by the skin and into the bloodstream. It is also said to allow a much better sleep at night due to your body feeling satisfied with all its required nutrients being provided to it.

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