the law of attraction

The law of attraction is one of the transforming beliefs that play a vital role in our daily lives. Simply, the idea behind this ideology is that we attract everything in our life through our thought process that is always at work. The circumstances we face, the people we meet and the things we get in our life, are all the outcome of this law.

What is Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction states that:

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Everything that is coming into your life is being attracted by you whether its positive or negative. And you are attracting it to you by the virtue of images that you create in your mind through your thought process.


So it is irrefutable after attaining the basic knowledge of this ideology that we are attracting everything into our life whether it is positive or negative. If we have limited thoughts with a fear of loss or anxiety, we will have limited edition of wealth and our self being. But if we stay optimistic and focus on abundance, we can achieve anything we conceive. Many philosophers who elaborated this law to common people also encouraged them to shift their focus from ‘Lack’ to ‘Abundance’. The life that we have right now is a reflection of what we thought in past.

How Law of Attraction Actually Works?

People who are reading this post about this law, may also be thinking how this law is activated or how it processes. Our thoughts are not just our imagination; each image that we create in our mind produces a relevant thought and that thought has a specific frequency; positive or negative.

You can think of yourself as a transmission tower who is transmitting thoughts through his mind into the universe. When these thoughts go into the universe, they create your life including circumstances, people and things. So, every thought has a specific frequency, positive or negative. If you are transmitting thoughts with negative frequency, you are going to manifest negative events and people in your life. Similarly, if you focus on positive vibes and produce thoughts that fancy you, you create a better and optimistic life. Thoughts have a magnetic power with a frequency. As you produce them, you transmit your thoughts into the universe and they magnetically attract the circumstances that match up with their frequency.

How to Use The Law of Attraction?

Many people have evoked this question in their minds “How to use the law of attraction?” and their curiosity is quite genuine. But let me clarify one thing that this question has no sense because you are already using this law 24/7 whether you believe it or not. So, the actual question should be about using it the right way. There are three basic steps to follow while implementing the law of attraction in a positive way. There is no complication involved in using this law of attraction in a way to change your life. All you have to do is just shift your frequencies and you are on your way to a life full of happiness and abundance.

Step 1: Ask

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The first step while using the law of attraction is ‘Ask’. Make a command to the universe and let it know what you actually want in your life. The universe will respond to what you transmit through asking.


The first step is very easy if you just try to understand it. Just sit down for a moment and ask yourself this question. What do you really want? Think of all the people, circumstances and and event you want in your life and write them down on a piece of paper. But there is one thing that you need to follow strictly while going through the ‘Ask’ process. That is you have to be crystal clear about your desires and dreams. Don’t pollute your mind with any other negative thoughts that would send mixed signals to the universe hence manipulating it in a way you didn’t want.

You don’t have to focus on it always. Just ask it once and stay positive about it. Once you have asked what you desire, the universe starts remodeling it in a way to manifest it. So asking is the first and basic step of the law of attraction. So you should try to make it a habit to use this step whenever you need anything in your life.

Step 2: Believe

The second step in implementing the law of attraction is “Believe”. You should start to believe that you already possess what you asked in the first step. In other words, try to maintain a unwavering belief in your desires without getting stumped by anything or anyone. You must believe that you already received the moment you uttered your desire for it. The firmer belief you have, the sooner it will be manifested in your life.

Once you have asked for it and started believing that you already own it, you are sending firm and absolute signals to the universe to manifest it. Once the universe receives those utter signals of your desires and belief, it starts reshaping it accordingly to fulfill your desires and dreams.

Many people have a few misconceptions about the “Believe” process and that is the reason they don’t tend to apply the law of attraction in the way it should be. Suppose you want a specific car. Start believing that you already have that car and you are driving it. Feel that interior of the car, put your hands on the steering and foot on the accelerator. Enjoy the ride in a real time environment. That is called the firm belief.

Step 3: Receive

The final step while implementing the law of attraction is “Receive”. Start feeling happy about having what you desire and enjoy this excitement. Try to evoke the feeling of that joy and excitement that you would have once you receive what you asked for. Feel the feeling of owning and fulfilling your desires. Its very important to feel joyous about it because the universe is interpreting your thoughts. Once you are excited and happy about your dreams, you are on a frequency of receiving what you desire.

A good and tested way to practice the “Receive” step and stay on the receiving frequency is to say it yourself “I have what I asked for and I am really excited to receive it in my life.” It will definitely put on a track where abundance awaits you. Once you are feeling the way you already own it, and if that feeling is intense and real, you have almost manifested it.

the law of attraction

So that is the creative process of the law of attraction that you need to follow. The conclusion of all the information above is just to feel good about yourself, your choices and desires and your life. Once you have a desire in your heart, ask for it and evoke that feeling of belief where you irrefutably put yourself in the possession of your desires. That feeling, being real, will signal the universe about your dreams and the universe will manifest it for you no matter how big and impossible it seems. Start feeling good and stay joyous. 🙂

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