With today’s fast paced lifestyle and overall “lack of time”, we decided to start sharing some simple, but effective workouts that you can do pretty much anywhere.  Please note… if you don’t have the equipment referenced in the workout, that’s ok!  Check the bottom of the post for accessing OR grab things around the house or office and utilize what works for the exercise… you can always improvise 🙂

Simply bring your mobile device and the following:

  1. Keep yourself hydrated
  2. Implement proper nutrition for your own personal goals
  3. And keep watching for more additions to this database of great home workouts…on the go…or wherever you may happen to be!

10-Minute Workouts:  Workout #2 – Body Weight Circuit

Decline Push Up

  • 15 reps or until failure
decline push up
  • After completing 1 set, do 1 round of high knees
  • 30 seconds
  • Then continue next 2 sets of decline pushups
high knees

DB Dumbbell Split Squat (Bulgarian)

  • 15 reps each side x3
db split squat or bulgarian
  • After completing 1 set, do 1 round of butt kicks
  • 30 seconds
butt kicks

Stability Ball Leg Curl

  • 15 reps x3
stability ball leg curl

Final superset! No rest…push through, focus on form and proper breathing techniques 


  • 25 reps

Run in place for 60 seconds


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