Cool Inventions

We are living in a world where every person has to struggle for even basic necessities of daily life. Most of the people even spend their whole life just to find a good living for their family. They spend their whole life just to earn a two time meal. If we check the statistics according to human poverty index a person who earn less than $2 a day is considered to be poor. Statistics also tell us that nearly half of the world population fall in this category. They are unable to fulfill their basic needs of life which include clean water, clothes to wear, basic health facilities and many more. But in this era of technology where people are busy in new inventions there are some new inventions which are very beneficial for poor people,some of those inventions are discussed below:


Cheap Solar Oven


In most of the countries people living in backward areas use firewood to cook their food which is not a safe way and food is unsustainable. On the other hand gas and coal cost them way too much. For people like that bunch of engineers graduated from Cambridge University have invented an Infinity bakery which uses sunlight as an energy source. It can be heated up to 220 degrees. This is made from simple materials like drums, clay, and some wood bars. These type of inventions are not only a money saver but also is environment friendly.

Mobile Water Filtration


As mentioned earlier, access to clean water is now a dream for most of the people in the world. Portapure came up with a solution of providing a filtered water through a device named Pocketpure. This is very affordable device and very effective. This device has already been used by Haitian citizens back in 2010 during the earthquake to filter out water the infected by Cholera.


Mosquito Safety

Even in this modern era millions of people die as the result of mosquito bites. Poor people are also suffering from different types of viruses like dengue and yellow fever in most of the countries. So there is an invention name as Kite Patch. This work under the principle which disrupt the carbon dioxide neurons of mosquitoes. So mosquitoes remain unconscious and cannot be able to find their target. It is very helpful and very cost effective for needy ones.


Adaptable Glasses

Everyone knows in this modern age education is very important for every child. Poor people which are suffering from bad eye sight have a big hurdle in this dream. So here is the solution, the Center for Vision in the Developing World came up with an innovative idea of glasses which are adjustable until one can see through it according to his or her need. These glasses are very comfortable and long lasting.


Moveable Baby Incubator


Everyone know that a large number of new born premature babies die just because of low temperature and parents cannot afford some basic precautionary measures for their babies. So in third world countries this type of measures cost too much. So here is the good news an invention called as Embrace Warmer, which is very cheap as compared to standard incubator and big thing is it is portable, safe and safe.

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