In addition to instructing you on how to start a business, it is also possible to use the LoA when guiding the expansion of your business. Let me give you some examples of how you might use the LoA in these situations:

Example #1: Hiring a Graphic Design Person

You’re going to expand your Internet-based business by creating a new, but related site. And you need a logo for that site. When it comes time to create the logo, you ultimately decide to hire someone for the job. At first, you’re not sure how much to pay them. But, eventually, you decide to skimp. You reason that you don’t have the $50 to pay for the logo, since you may never recover the money if the site does not succeed.

As a result, you purchase a logo for $5; and, quite frankly, it’s nothing to write home about. Unfortunately for you, this is exactly what visitors also think when they see it. They see you as someone who is so uninvested in her own business that she is not willing to pay even $50 for a high-quality logo. As a result, they pass you over for the competition.

If you had applied the LoA, your results would have been dramatically different. You would have realized that attraction is an important part of PR. Your thoughts, actions, and the way you convey your business to others shapes how they will respond to it. And for this reason, you can start off by “being cheap”; and then purchase a better business model once you’ve made money. You have to start off by conveying abundance; and then reap the rewards of attraction.

Example #2: Hiring an Affiliate Manager

Your business is currently at a crossroads. It has expanded as far as the current business model will permit. And the primary constraint is your time. In particular, you find that it takes at least 20 hours each week to manage your affiliates.

A friend of yours suggests that you hire an affiliate manager. For as little as $10/hr, ($200/wk), you could find somehow who is willing to do all of these tasks for you, freeing you up to exclusively spend your time expanding your business.

In principle it sounds great, but when you think about it more, it scares you. The thought of paying someone a fixed salary each week seems scary. What if you don’t make enough money to pay yourself after paying the affiliate manager? Or what if you somehow find the way to be more efficient, so that you can reduce the amount of time that you spend with affiliates; and instead focus your energy elsewhere.

Ultimately, you decide not to hire an affiliate manager. You decide that once your business becomes successful and you become rich, you can hire an affiliate manager, so that you don’t have to spend your day doing such trivial tasks.

As a result, your business never grows. The constraint on growth has always been your time; and with much of it bound up on affiliate management tasks, you have very little time left over to attract new clients and develop new products.

Again, this is an example of you not using the LoA. Had you used the LoA, you would have realized that your scarcity mentality was standing in the way of progress. That is—instead of hiring the affiliate manager once you “got rich,” you should have been hiring the affiliate manager to get rich.

Of course, in addition to these examples, you can think of many more ways in which the LoA can guide your thinking when it comes to business growth. Just remember to focus on abundance; and that is what you will attract into your business.

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