Top 10 fitness products 2020

While fitness is not always fun, these 10 top fitness products for 2020 will sure bring out the fun part out of any routine.

1). Velocio Concept Bib Short

One of the most essential features of the apparel of a bike rider is its comfortability. Furthermore, it has to fit pretty close to the body to boost the aerodynamic functioning of the apparel. However, it still depends on the chamois of the apparel, the essential protective part of the padding that is located between the bike rider and the bike saddle. With a composition of 30% elastene and 70% of polyamide, the Italian-made product has been lauded for its innovative brilliance. Its perforated ventilation which has a laser-cut precision ensures that breathability is guaranteed by a streamlined airflow capability.

2). Shakesphere

With so many professional athletes endorsing its innovativeness and technological brilliance, it is easy to see why this revolutionary shaker fitness bottle has been getting a lot of attention. This simple tumbler that is ergonomically shaped like a capsule which really has no internal corners mix several fruits with the application of the centrifugal force. With about less than seconds it prepares your post-workout drink.

3) Reebok Nano 9

While Reebok has been a home name in the fitness industry, its most recent sneaker has shown that the brand is a top contender in the industry. The Reebok Nano 9 has enough cushioning and breathability, in addition to strong protective wraps that make the feet stable during explosive runs. A favourite among athletes, the Nano 9 is one to watch out for in 2020.

4). On Running Weather Vest

While getting a running vest that has just the right features can be such a grueling challenge, this one is just the right streamlined and lightweight gem for the task. With a mixture of insulating fabric, it can be worn over or under a different layer during winter. Several other features of the vest are its vented back and water-repellent capabilities.

5). Jaybird Vista

These premium earbuds from Jaybird are compact, light and waterproof. They can withstand a complete submersion in water for close to about three feet deep of water. It can comfortably cling to the inner part of the ear to cancel external noise. The accompanying app allows a customization of the equalizer. It is the perfect tool for exercising in 2020.

6). The Hyperice Hypersphere Mini

With a convoluted name that sounds more like a scientific device, this vibratory therapy device has taken recovery to a whole different level. You practically feel rejuvenated after just 30 minutes of exercise. While you get rejuvenated for more than 2 hours after each charge, several pulsation levels serve to give everyone of your muscle the needed relieve from tension. It is sure a top fitness product for 2020.

7). Hoka One One Carbon X

With recent researches proving that lighter shoes easily mean more speed, at below just 9 ounces, the Hoka One One Carbon X is significantly lighter than an everyday running shoe. The most essential thing about the shoe is that it can be afforded by anybody. The shoe which is meant for racing and road running, can be fun and bouncy. Hence, it is easily among the best fitness products to have in 2020.

8). Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar

While the price may be a shocker, this top fitness watch for 2020 has lots of premium features. While it has a normal traditional supply of power, the smartwatch mode can have you using the device for 21 days, and could extend to 24 days if effectively exposed to sunlight. Its most amazing feature being the design of the edge of the wristwatch’s bezel. The watch is equipped with preloaded ski and topographic maps of over 41,000 golf courses and 2,000 resorts from around the globe.

9). Allied Cycle Works Able

The bike from Allied Cycle Works is a cross between a typical bike and a mountain bike. The bike comes with an ergonomic design which includes an elevated chain stay, whereas its rare ability to run effectively on bumpy terrains is nothing short of one of the best fitness products for 2020. The Arkansas-made product has a rare collection of features that easily makes it stand out from all fitness bikes.

10). Care/of Protein

While protein shakes are easily the fastest road to recovery after a muscle workout, getting a clean source of protein which suits your preferences can be difficult. But the best among the numerous annually launched protein is Care/of. With an apt name for a protein drink, you get a personalized protein mix after a quiz of 5 minutes. Featuring a plethora of nutritional vitalities for the perfect fitness routine, Care/of is simply a top fitness product for 2020.

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