Top 10 Weight Benches 2020

The weight bench is a peripheral part of a gym. Most people tend to think that without the weight bench their gym is incomplete. While that may be correct, the weight bench is the most versatile gym equipment anyone can have. The following are the top 10 weight benches for 2020.

1). Universal by Nautilus 5 position Weight bench

The Universal weight bench by Nautilus has 5 positions for angle adjustments which are meant to train your core as well as the upper part of your body. The angle adjustments are typically -10, 0, 15, 30, as well as 45 degrees. While foam rollers of 5 inches at the ankle bars serve to provide safety and comfort during use. The bars which has wide stability are meant to make the weight bench safer when working out. The padded, contoured bench plus the backrest are meant to offer comfort while working out. The Universal weight bench by Nautilus is a top weight bench for 2020.

2). Marcy flat utility weight bench

This weight bench from Marcy is a strong and durable bench that can be used to work out without having to make use of any leg work or incline. With foams of a high density and a boxed upholstery which provides a strong base, the weight bench is built for durability. It can be neatly stored and is suitable for core abdominal workouts.

3). The Body champ Olympic weight bench

This weight bench come with an included rack which is compatible with many weight bar sets of 6 inches and 7 inches. It comes with a multipurpose 7-positions of adjustable backrest positions that allows multiple flat, incline, decline and military type positions. This bench comes with an Olympic type plate adapter, with a spring clip meant for the leg developer, the arm curl bar, a preacher curl pad and the crunch inclusion which has foam grips.

4). Bowflex selecttech 3.1 adjustable bench

This is a highly versatile weight bench which can be adapted into four various positions of 90, 45, 0, and -30 degrees. This can be used to do more than 30 various fitness exercises why your body acts as a free weight. A leg brace that can be removed adds more support while doing decline exercises. The weight bench from Bowflex can be stored easily and has the SpiraFlex resistance technology that means that you could use smooth repetitions in building a lean muscle.

5). Gold’s gym XRS 20 Olympic workout bench

This is a full weight bench system. You could use the bench to perform free weights, stability as well as core abdominal fitness routines, or you could just place it below the rack to lift weights. It comes with in-built storage to ensure that your home gym is kept organized. You can use the six-roller system of the leg developer to exercise your gluteus and leg. Whereas the curl yoke builds the strength of the upper body, while the preacher pad is used to isolate the forearm muscles and the biceps during steady and smooth workouts.

6). Reebok professional deck workout bench

This colourful weight bench is a portable bench with the strength and functionality of a complete weight bench. Built with a heavy and strong plastic material, you can take it alone with you to any park for a great outdoor workout experience or neatly store it when not been used. Its internal pockets makes it possible to store away hand weights, yoga bands and many more workout accessories. You can perform flat, decline and incline exercises with the angle positioning.

7). Body Champ Olympic weight bench with leg developer

This weight bench has a five-position back system that can be adjusted to develop the core abdominals. You can use the inclined rack with Olympic weight plates and bars that are not included. There are the adjustable uprights plus the double-action leg developer with foam rollers that are adjustable as well as the preacher curl platform that can be adjusted. All these ensure that you get a great exercise.

8). Steel body deluxe 6 position utility bench

This is a strong and rugged bench which can be used for simple weightlifting. With six various positions located in the back which is adjustable, exercises such as flat, incline and decline can be performed. While the work bench’s low profile provides a strong base for the heavy weights. The bench can be easily moved around with it’s wheels and handle.

9). Soozier ten-position adjustable home fitness weight bench

This is a portable bench that has wheels and handles for easy mobility. With a sufficiently small size for easy storage, this weight bench will help in getting all your exercise routines completed. The ten position on the adjustable bench means that you get four sitting positions and six back positions which can easily accommodate weight lifters of all heights and sizes.

10). Stamina pro ab hyper bench

This is a work bench that is versatile and has a slim profile. Users have an added functionality to perform hyperextension core exercises. Apart from using the work bench for carrying free weights plus dumbbells you could also perform triceps dips, split-squats, push-ups and so on. Furthermore, the bench’s tiny profile means that it can be folded and stored easily.

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