Top 5 Home Gyms 2020

Technically, if your end game is to burn out extra calories, lose fat, or tone up your body, you can never go wrong by having any of the home gyms listed here. Home gyms that offer resistance-based trainings mostly have a tendency to help you achieve these goals since the total weight which you are lifting is a lot lesser than the weight-based type of home gyms. A lower amount of weight plus a high number of repetitions typically mean that an increased amount of calories is burnt, which consequently eliminates fat and in turn tones up the body. In other words, if you eventually decide to flip the script and decide to add more muscles, then your best option is to go for the weight-based home gym. Irrespective of what your training end game is, the following are the top 5 home gyms of 2020.

1). Bowflex Blaze home gym

While there are several options for home gyms within a similar price range as this, the features of the Bowflex Blaze home gym are to a greater extent superior and rivals that of more expensive home gyms. For a start, the home gym comes with a scalable weight system which allows its weights to be increased either to 310 pounds or 410 pounds of resistance. While the Bowflex Blaze Home gym comes at a reasonable price, no other resistance based system of home gym offer the same amount of resistance. The only way that you can get a home gym system that offers this much resistance, is when you pay twice the price of what you have paid for the Blaze home gym.

2). Total Gym XLS home gym

With more than four decades of manufacturing home gyms, Total Gym is famous for its brand of high-end and affordable gym products. With the XLS home gym, they have produced a premium gym system. While other home gyms get some few wobbles, the home gym from Total gym remain rock solid in position. And with a weight capacity of 400 pounds, finding a different home gym that could compete with the XLS home gym is impossible. Furthermore, the XLS home gym comes with the AbCrunch attachment, leg pull, wing attachments, dip bars, squat stand, an expansive stability mat and press up bars. With that said, no other home gym gets you close to the quality and extra number of features that the XLS home gym provides. This gyming beast allows you to perform more than 80 different exercises.

3). Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage

At its price, this home gym is extremely impossible to ignore. The all-inclusive home gym enables you with the flexibility that comes with the pulley machine, the free weights and the smith machine. Part of the numerous number of features which the Diamond Elite brings to the table is its free weight squat rack, a distinct Marcy Olympic unique weight bench, a press bar that has sealed bearings, the pec deck station, a leg developer that has a double function, a high cable crossover, the smith machine in addition to a low pulley which has a foot rest. Generally, the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage helps you be in total control of your training workouts and helps you to easily reach your work out goals.

4). The Body solid EXM3000LPS double stack home gym.

This home gym comes with a double weight system of about 210 pounds of weight stacks each. While most home gyms are meant for single workouts, with the Body solid home gym machine, you can easily workout with your partner. It allows simultaneous working out for two separate people, who can each use a different weight stack. It has seven varieties of work out stations that can be used to train the different muscles in the body. The Body Solid home gym essentially allows you to train every type of muscle in your lower and upper body as well as the abdomen and back regions.

5). Powerline Home Gym with Leg press

Technically, there are several home gyms which can be graded into the “not too low, not too high” price range. Therefore, for people who have been putting up money together for that perfect home gym, and are not looking to spend much, the Power line Home gym is the best. The home gym system has the high, mid level and low pulleys plus the 160 pounds of weight stack that can be scaled up to 210 pounds.

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