At Home Workouts:  Workout #4 – Interval Training

Warm Up

  • Run in place for 3 minutes or go for a run…either way, push yourself and break a sweat!

Ski Abs, Side To Side Abs Or In and Out Abs

  • 45 seconds
ski abs in and out

High Knees

  • 45 seconds
high knees

Scissors Kicks

  • 45 seconds
scissor kicks

Jumping Jacks

  • 45 seconds

Butt Kicks

  • 45 seconds
butt kicks

Repeat the set 3 times, then finish up with the final exercise!

Final exercise! No rest…push through, focus on form and proper breathing techniques 


  • 25 reps

Run in place for 60 seconds


Be sure to stretch after, eat some protein…or drink it…and keep yourself hydrated with H20 🙂