The THRIVE 8-week experience can be optimized by using other products offered by Le-Vel. THRIVE BOOST is one of those products. BOOST is a nutraceutical beverage, nutraceutical (nutrient and pharmaceutical) means it not only provides nutrients but also has added benefits of improving health.

We are all well aware of the benefits of including greens in our diet. Different fruits and vegetables provide a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals are necessary for the basic functioning of our body; they are needed for bodily reactions, to maintain good vision, skin, hair, nails and to generate anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants help flush out toxins from our body and fight against aging.

Apart from regular fruits and vegetables, there are naturally occurring probiotics and enzymes that one could use too. Almost all of us know what the healthy options to eat are but we are not able to include them in our diet. Our fast-moving lives tempt us to opt for unhealthy options that provide quick energy but are bad for our bodies in the long run.

Imagine if all the benefits of fruits, vegetables, enzymes, probiotics, along with those of super green grasses and botanical herbs were fit into one drink. That drink is BOOST. It is formulated especially to provide you with the nutrients you need to feel fresh and at your best. The mix of nutrients helps in maintaining the correct pH, which means the correct acid-base ratio. The correct pH ensures that all body functions happen as they should. Because it contains anti-oxidants, it also helps in losing weight and controlling appetite, which can make your THRIVE experience more rewarding. In addition to all this, the nutrients that the mix contains will help in strengthening your immune system.

All products offered by Le-Vel are convenient to use, be it the shakes, capsules or the DFTs. BOOST only requires you to mix the contents of the package in water and your beverage will be ready for consumption. You can also add BOOST to your Thrive Premium Lifestyle Shake Mix to get a mouth-watering berry smoothie.

Once your 8-week THRIVE experience is over, you may even choose to make BOOST a part of your diet otherwise as well. With a better control over your appetite, weight loss, and new mental clarity, you can feel like you’re living your best, most healthy life.

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