People who have developed some extra fat on their body, or those who are extremely conscious about their slimness always keep looking forward to lose weight and observe a transformation in their bodies. If you have fizzled out in past while making a transition to your diet, here is a diet formula for you. If you have been hitting ‘search’ button on the internet looking for ultimate diet solutions that can literally answer your question “how to lose weight“, then you have a good news. By eliminating some of the unnecessary diets and adding a few can really help you burn that extra fat in a short interval of time.


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Don’t mess your up with all the tweaks at once. The strategy is to start up with one diet, wait for a few days to let it become a normal part of your routine, then add another. Once you are comfortable with this alteration, keep adding more diets until you have implemented the whole plan to lose weight.


The Diet Plan to Lose Weight

Below are some of the diet changes whose implementation can actually help you lose weight and transform your figure into a new shape without having to put in so much effort in daily workouts.


1. Increase Your Fiber Intake


A recent research that was carried out in National Institute of Health, states that an increase in fiber intakes has amazingly boosted the process of fat burn. The research was conducted on a group of people and the results were irrefutably great. A few people were asked just to take more fibers from their foods (almost 30 grams) per day and the observation was that these people lost as much fat as those who were following up with a more comprehensive plan (dieting plus workouts). The researches also observed that people did not crave for foods that contained fats and sugar because they were sorted out due to fiber rich choices.




If you intend to follow this diet pan yourself, here is what your have to do.

  • Start eating more of fresh vegetables and fruits, especially those with edible membranes, skins, seeds and stalks. They might include broccoli, raspberries, apples, watermelons, oranges etc.
  • If you are used to eating refined grains, it is time to switch to whole grains like brown or wild rice.
  • Increase the intake of green cooked foods like turnip greens, collard greens, beet greens etc.


2. Eliminate Artificial Sweeteners from Your Table


Recently, a Yale study conducted on mice reveled that relying on artificial sweeteners did nothing but boosted the cravenness for more sugar hence resulting in more weight gain. Artificial sweeteners have also been found to be disrupting the gut bacteria that can be a cause of obesity.




If you think you can’t get rid of sweet soda, try adding up fresh lemon or lime, mint leaves, fresh grated ginger or a little bit of mashed fruit to water.


3. Switch from Starches to Non-Starchy Vegetables


Have a look at your current menu, and if you find out more starches in it, its time to eliminate it from your card. People in-taking more starches develop a habit of carbohydrates that are considered to be one of the actual reasons of obesity. By making a few tweaks can help you lose a lot of weight.




Cut that full cup of cooked whole grain penne, cut it into half and add a quarter cup each of fresh spinach, salad, chopped tomato, mushrooms and sliced onions. This small change in your menu will save you almost 15 grams of carbohydrates. Moreover, your food seems a lot of it and you feel filled.


4. Dark Chocolate is the Best Dessert.


Having desserts after a healthy meal is a must and no one can actually skip sweets after meals. By cutting up your desserts and adding dark chocolate to it will give you less calories and hence help you get rid of that extra fat that is always bothering you. Moreover, the research has shown that adding dark chocolate to your diet helps in killing cravenness for both sweet and salty foods.


5. Cut the Intake of Alcohol.


Alcoholic drinks play a vital role in derailing your diet in addition to giving you extra calories. People tend to eat more after drinking and hands won’t stop until the tummy is screwed. I have seen many people who, after drinking one or two glasses of alcohols, start feeling like screwing everything around them including potato chips, butter, beef and you name it. In short, alcoholic beverages not only add up more calories to your body but also help you intake more foods that you normally avoid.



If you can’t cut it, try reducing it slowly. Plan one night a week or fix an amount or whatever suits you. Once you feel more comfortable and less craved for alcohol, cut it completely from your routine and save yourself a lot of calories.


Following up the above mentioned diet plan will definitely save you a lot of hard work including exercise and workouts. If you are already working hard to lose weight, its time to adopt this plan and reduce a bit of physical effort. I hope you will find it comprehensively helpful to lose weight and transform into an ideal body that you have always dreamed.


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