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When setting up a home gym, you will require a good quality weight stack machine capable of providing you multiple exercises. This icon fitness gym exercise machine is another of the top-quality options with a resistance of 280 pounds, and the total weight of the machine is 112 LBS. Although it requires assembling but it is a durable option. With a combination of exercises, you can tone your overall body, and it can be the ideal choice for all fitness enthusiasts who do not want to go to the gym every day but want a simple solution at home. Setting up a home gym can be the ideal choice for such people and will also save your money in the long-term.


Whenever you are purchasing fitness gym equipment, it is essential that you check out the features of the particular machine.

Excellent resistance and durability

The resistance is one thing that you must consider whenever you are purchasing the home gym equipment. This home gym machine has a resistance of 280 pounds, and the overall weight is 112 Pounds. Along with that, it is made from Steel material with The Vinyl coating that enables it to last a very long time. It is also a durable option to have in your home gym with will easily last for good few years.

Multiple exercises

There are multiple exercise stations that you will get with this fitness machine. There is a chest press station along with the roll leg developer and high pulley. There is a low pulley exercise station that strengthens your leg muscles. You will also find the multi-grip bar and the vinyl seat is also available.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity of the Icon Fitness Gold Gym home gym machine is 300 pounds, and also the overall weight of the machine is 112 Pounds. Keep in mind that it will require assembling that you can do based on the manual available. You will also get the 90 days warranty that comes with this machine, so you can get the defective parts exchanged if needed.

Should you buy this home gym exercise machine?

The major question is that if you should buy this home gym machine or not. Based on the price and the functionality, we would say that it is worth buying because of the construction and robust functioning. Moreover, the steel frame and the weight capacity are also excellent. The Assembly might be a little tricky, but there is a warranty available. Also, you can use it commercially as well as at home. The multiple exercise stations available on this machine are also the major highlight that will provide you with better muscle strength and overall toning.

Now that you have checked all the best features of this machine, you can plan on buying it. Also, the price is not super expensive, which is a good point. You must keep in mind to check the dimensions before finally purchasing them. It is easy to fit in the space at your house; you should get it. See best pricing now for the Icon Fitness Gold Gym!

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