Cynicism can be destructive to our use of the LoA. It can prevent us from trying harder by convincing us that things are not possible. And it can prevent us from focusing on an idea and following-through.

For these reasons, it is important for us to keep bad, cynical thoughts away when we are truly attempting to practice the Law of Attraction. Instead, we must focus on ideas that are positive and that reinforce our vision of the future.

How can we do this? There are a number of different ways. I suggest just a few below:

1. Find Ways to Snap Out of Bad Thoughts

If you find yourself reinforcing bad thoughts with more bad thoughts, you have to find some way to break free from the cycle. Psychologists often suggest using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques in situations like this.

One commonly suggested CBT technique involves wearing an elastic band around your wrist. When you start to encounter negative thoughts, snap that elastic band. That immediate, physical feedback can help you to jolt out of a cycle of negative thoughts; and then begin to fix your attention on something else instead.

Other techniques involve discontinuing what you are doing at the time and doing something else instead. For instance, if you are in your cubicle at work and you are looking at a massive stack of papers, you might begin to feel depressed and overwhelmed. Instead of sitting there and staring at the papers, get up and take a quick break. Grab a coffee or talk to someone in a nearby cubicle. This can help to break the cycle of negativity before it begins.

2. Avoid Places that Generate Bad Thoughts

In your day-to-day experiences, you have probably recognized that certain places cause bad thoughts. Perhaps there was an event in the past where you failed at something unexpectedly. Or perhaps something bad happened to you and your family; and whenever you pass by a certain place, you think of that bad thought.

From now on, it’s time to start pushing those places out of your life. If a place makes you sad and there is very little you can do to overcome that sorrow, then don’t visit it anymore. Take a different route to work. In short, avoid any place that can put you on the path to becoming increasingly negative.

3. Carefully Choose and Maintain Relationships

If you have friends who constantly degrade you, doubt your abilities, or insult your ideas, it’s time to make new friends. While it’s a good to have a skeptic in the crowd to bounce ideas off of, it is rarely help to have a cynic around who can do nothing other than find hundreds of (implausible) ways in which your ideas might fail.

It accomplishes nothing; and it prevents you from maintaining your positive thoughts. So, from time to time, evaluate your relationships. Decide whether the friends you have chosen to associate yourself with are improving your life and reinforcing your success; or whether they are simply dragging you down.

In brief, the LoA can be summarized in three steps: first, think deeply about what it is that you truly want most. Second, focus only on that thing and visualize how you will attract it into your life. And third, be open and accepting of that thing that you want most, even if you initially subconsciously fear accomplishing it.

Beyond that, practicing the LoA amounts to exercising focus and visualization. It also requires you to think in terms of abundance, rather than scarcity. In the following chapters, I will discuss specific ways in which you can apply the LoA to improve your life.

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