Why Cynicism is Bad

When it comes to the LoA, many people make the mistake of believing that skepticism is bad. But, in truth, there’s nothing wrong with skepticism. There’s nothing wrong with thinking a deal through before we make it. And there’s nothing wrong with wondering whether berries we picked in the forest are edible or poisonous. Skepticism is important and can keep us alive and improve how our businesses function.

law of attraction cynicism

On the other hand, cynicism is an entirely different animal. When we convince ourselves that nothing can be good, that nothing can work out well, and that everything in our lives is rigged against us, we cave into something that is very contrary to the LoA. Namely, we forget trying to attract positive things into our lives through visualization and action; and we instead harp on the things that have gone wrong.

If you are serious about practicing the LoA to achieve your goals, to mend and strengthen your relationships, and to become successful in business or at work, then cynicism is the first thing that must go. And you must replace it with an endless and persistent willingness to overcome challenges.

cynicism law of attraction

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