Over the years, obesity has been a major issue around the world. Many new and innovative products and strategies have been introduced in the market but they may not work for everyone. Human nutrition technologies have come a long way in this field with the aim of helping struggling people and to allow them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Le-Vel has been leading this market with its weight management patches. The basic function of the patch is to stick onto the skin and release nutrients into the bloodstream all day, causing the user to lose weight throughout the day.

Purpose and benefits

So what exactly is the purpose of DUO? It allows for lipid metabolism, which means that fat is burned and ensures that your weight is carefully managed and looked after. It provides support to your appetite through its next evolution formulae.

dft duo weightloss 2 thrive woman weightloss 2


This unique product is part of the revolutionary and ever-evolving Derma Fusion Technology. This provides a much more balanced release of nutrition due to the dual action and fixative application of the technology. The larger fusion footprint along with the intricate and advanced weight management formula allows for easier and greater absorption. It is very simple to use and apply for anyone over the age of 18, except for pregnant women.

Greater absorption of nutrients takes place or in fancier words, it provides better bioavailability. This product is highly effective and has exploded since coming into the market just over 5 years ago. It is actually a better and newer version of the original DFT Patch and has a few more ingredients involved.

Some of the ingredients contained in this are:

Aloe vera

ForseLean 95


Green Tea

Beta hydroxybutyrate


As you can see, most of these ingredients are natural and are very good for you. Both the DFT DUO and the original DFT patches contain cosmoperine. This is the key ingredient in all of this technology and is critical to the whole process as it is responsible for allowing the ingredients and nutrients to be absorbed by the skin and into the bloodstream.

aloe vera thrive weightloss

The Aloe Vera is a new ingredient introduced in the latest version of the DUO, probably to reduce any kind of skin irritation caused due to the patch. Enhanced performance in your everyday life is guaranteed if you use the DUO as more nutrients in the bloodstream means a fresher and sharper mind and body.

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