The foundation of the THRIVE experience is the eight-week regimen consisting of capsules, shakes (lifestyle mix) and DFT (Derma Fusion Technology) patches. Le-Vel also offers other products that can further enhance your THRIVE experience, ACTIVATE is one of those products.

ACTIVATE is a beverage that aims to provide core nutrition stimulation. It contains nutrients and anti-oxidants that are meant to make you feel instantly energized. With your THRIVE experience reaching optimal levels, you can experience new levels of energy, wakefulness and mental clarity. In today’s busy world, we are faced with two struggles.

The first is the constant need of energy; you do not need to be an athlete to need constant energy, busy parents, young people trying to make it big, students and anyone who has a busy lifestyle constantly needs the energy to keep going. Energy is not only required for physical needs but for our mental needs too, we need it to feel livelier, alert and creative.

The second problem we face is the temptation to indulge in foods rich in carbohydrates and fats to provide us with energy. Fast food chains and companies that manufacture snacks profit out of our constant need for energy by providing us with a quick fix. This is where ACTIVATE comes in. It is a beverage that can be prepared within minutes; all you need to do is mix the contents with the package and you’re good to go, so it doesn’t cost you time. Carry it with you whether you are at work or working out for a constant dose of wakefulness, and it will even help you keep hydrated throughout the day. We all know how important that is.

ACTIVATE comes in three different flavors: cherry, piña colada and watermelon –a drink that is both healthy and tasty. While using it alongside THRIVE, you should feel like you have control over your appetite, have begun to lose weight and have both physical and mental energy. The best part about THRIVE is that its effects will last even when the regimen is over, so it could be a life-changing experience if followed correctly with proper diet, sleep and exercise.

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