Changes needed are:

Consumption of healthier foods, Regular physical exercise, Refraining from toxic substances such as tobacco products, drugs (prescription and narcotic), fatty foods, sodas, refined sugar, etc.  And drinking MORE water!

By making these simple changes, your detox program will be much more successful and can be easily integrated into your lifestyle.  The rewards of successful detoxification can include increased health and longevity, a greater sense of well-being that resonates throughout your whole body!


It is important to understand that session time is dependent upon how the body reacts to the session, but sessions normally run 30-45 minutes.  If a person gets light-headed, nauseated, or a headache, tell the practitioner and the session will end immediately.  Some individuals need to build up to the recommended time.  Others may experience a euphoric or itching sensation, while others may not feel anything at all.  Each of these situations is not only normal, but expected. 

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