Dyslexia can present itself in many, many ways and it’s more than likely that all the following symptoms will not present themselves within one individual. However use this to see what ones may apply.

  • A difference between academic achievement and real-life performance in practical problem-solving and verbal skills.
  • Taking an inordinate amount of time to reading a book and finishing it.
  • Missing endings of words in reading and spelling.
  • Poor presentation of written work, such as poor spelling and punctuation.
  • Not being able to think what to write.
  • Reluctance to write things down, such as messages.
  • Confusing telephone messages.
  • Difficulty with note-taking.
  • Difficulty in following what others are saying.
  • Difficulty with sequences or verbal patterns.
  • Reversing figures or letters or leaving words out.
  • Problems with time management.
  • Trouble with remembering tables.
  • Difficulty with mental math.

Again all of these symptoms will not present themselves typically within one individual. However after looking over these symptoms and if you saw that a number of them applied to you then please think about speaking with your doctor on getting a possible diagnosis.

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