Despite difficulties many dyslexic people have risen to prominence in their specialized fields. Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci were probably dyslexic based on reports and the information we have available to us today and Jackie Stewart and Susan Hampshire are just two highly successful present day figures who suffer from dyslexia.

Dyslexic people are often gifted in visually-based skills such as art, sculpture, design, architecture and engineering. Typically we see people that have diminished verbal or language skills or ability have a higher plain of logic and reasoning. They are often creative, original, lateral thinkers that can succeed at very high levels. Often they may
offer their own, unusual way to solving a problem. Because having dyslexia may motivate them to succeed they often have a high degree of determination that can help them out in many other aspects of their life or career.

With all of the negative attention that surrounds dyslexia there are numerous people that have overcome the challenge and risen to prominent positions in their respective fields. There is no reason in the world why you should be any different. All it takes is a desire and will to want to succeed and the effort and patience needed in order to get it done.

Other dyslexic people of note include:

  • Tom Cruise
  • Isaac Newton
  • Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Enterprises)
  • Thomas Edison
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Cher
  • Ann Bancroft
  • Hans Christian Anderson (author)
  • Henry Ford
  • River Phoenix (actor)
  • Charles Schwab y Nelson Rockefeller
  • Sir Winston Churchill
  • George Burns
  • Enrico Caruso (opera singer)
  • Henry Winkler
  • Oliver Reed (actor)
  • Harry Belafonte

The list of those with such success that are or were also dyslexic goes on and on and on.
This just goes to show you what a little determination and help can do for oneself.

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