The Dyslexia Institute can arrange an assessment by an independent professionally qualified psychologist who has specialist knowledge of dyslexia. It is helpful for the psychologist to have background information from employers or tutors, but sometimes people wish to obtain advice before involving anyone else. The Institute staff and Consulting Psychologists will, of course, treat confidentially all information received and
will not release any information without the permission of the person concerned.

The assessment lasts about two hours, which includes time to discuss the findings and talk about ways of approaching any difficulties which may have been revealed. It will investigate the individual’s thinking, learning and problem-solving skills to obtain indications of areas of strength and difficulty and examine attainments in the basic skills
of reading, writing, spelling and mathematics.
Using these results, the psychologist will then assess whether there are areas where performance is not up to the expected level. When this is the case it is often a sign that a specific learning difficulty exists which has made it particularly hard to develop certain skills. Further testing and discussion will have explored possible reasons for this.

What Help Is Available If I Find Out I Am Dyslexic?
Following the assessment session the psychologist will give practical advice according to the severity of any difficulties and the educational and career goals which are being sought. Typically, advice and recommendations include:
· Making others aware of the presence of dyslexia so that they do not constantly criticize poor spelling or handwriting
· A recommendation that extra time be allowed, or other special arrangements made, in order that specific difficulties do not unduly affect performance in examinations
· Provision of computer support to minimize the impact of specific spelling difficulties
· A short course designed to improve performance in some or all of the following skills:
spelling, report-writing, study-skills, revision and exam techniques, time-management
and general organization
· An individualized learning program designed to address deficiencies in basic skills

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