In this last of a three-part series on friendship, the LoA has a lot to say when it comes to broken relationships. For instance, if you have had a falling out with a close friend, but want to mend the situation, the LoA may be the right tool for the job.

As always, start by fixing the goal: to mend your broken relationship. Next, visualize how you will do it. Will you contact the friend and apologize for something you have done? Or will you simply be accepting of something they did in the past, even though it hurt you deeply at the time?

Walk through this process in your mind. Imagine how it will happen, how the other person might respond, and how you will stick with things until everything is worked out.

Additionally, bring your abundance mindset to the table when you contact your old friend. Don’t prepare to win a battle of words. And don’t prepare to be vindicated in your prior position or in your beliefs. Instead, remember your goal: to get your friend back. And then accomplish it through visualization, focus, and follow-through. 

Finally, remember the last step of the LoA: you must be open and accepting of the results. If you even slightly begin to doubt whether you truly want your old friend back, then you may sabotage the goal before you ever get the chance to realize it.

It is vital that you bring a mindset of abundance with you wherever you practice the LoA. That is, instead of focusing on the fear that you might “lose” something in a friendship or romantic relationship, focus on what you can gain by entering into a more mutually beneficial state of the relationship.

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