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Not all Cats are Created Equal

After dogs, probably most common thing to us humans as a pet are cats. Cats are as clever and intelligent as dogs. But their very different behavior towards humans sets them apart from dogs. Unlike dogs they do not consider people as their masters, but most of them believe they are above humans, so they always act like it to prove it. Like the old kings, cats have this no s**t giving kind of attitude towards everything. Most of the cat species are very much harmless, but there are hundreds of different species of cats who lives in a wild, and they really are very vicious and ferocious animals. They are right below the lions in the food chain in terms of their ferocious natures.

Few of those wild and unique cat species are discussed below.

Rare Wild Cats

1. Pallas’s Cat



The Pallas’s cat is a relatively small cat with huge fur on its body and black patterns on its head and tail, which makes it extra exotic. These cats are also known as the manul. These cats are not very friendly in nature but can be tamed eventually. They are mostly found in the forests in parts of central and East Asia.


2. Black Footed Cat


Probably the most beautiful and the cutest of the bunch. It is the smallest cat specie there is. They weigh not more than 3 lbs. Their natural habitat is in the western Africa. From the stats from WWE and IUCN, they are much endangered species and on the verge of going extinct.


3. African Golden Cat


golden cat

The color obviously is the most distinguished feature of this cat, but there are other features that set this specie apart from other cats. Their face is so much intimidating that you forget the lion for a moment. They live in the forest of coastal and western Africa.


4. Sand Dune Cat

sand dune cat

Sand dune cats are a bit bigger than the normal domestic cats are. They have somewhat big coat of fur on their body. They mostly dwell in the areas of African, Arabian Peninsula, and some parts of Asia. This is the only cat species that is a true dweller of the deserts.  They have very distinctive face, but its their nose that is a clear distinctive thing from other cats.


5. Bornean Bay Cat

grey female

To me, this cat look kind of creepy. It is almost on the brink of extinction, as only 2,000 of these cats are there. They live in the Islands located in the Borneo region, that is Malaysia, Indonesia, and some small islands. It is a very rare specie, only some people have seen it through naked eye. They have quite large and frightening eyes, and these cats certainly will not be mistaken for any other cat.


6. Caracal


The Caracal is a wild cat found also in African plains. This probably in all the wild cat species is very far away from the normal domestic cats. Some scientist go as far as by not considering it a cat specie but a lynx. But most believe it is still a cat. The ears on this wild cat are the things that get the most center of attention. They are very unusual compared to other cats. Tip of the ears are covered with standing hairs.

7. Jaguarundi



Jaguarundi is a small cat in a cat family, which is a native to the central America and some near by forest in the Florida region. These cats like to live on the trees most of the time. They only come down to hunt down their preys. They have a very weird looking nose. They also are very rarely seen in the wild as they are almost extinct.