Battle Plan To Eliminate Fear In Your Life – Personal Development 101 – Presented by Krystal ComberOvercome_Fear_Take_Action

After my last video, what did you find is holding you back …what is your fear(s)?
what are you good at?
What do you enjoy doing?
What lifestyle do you want to live?
and be realistic… it’s amazing what realistic can be, but you must stay committed to your plan
Take baby steps and watch your dynasty grow slowly over time
I want to you take that fear that resides inside of you. For example…I struggled for a long time after I was in a serious car wreck. I had to relearn life…down to walking, talking, making food, etc… I became afraid…something I had never experienced before. This fear was – what will people think? If I do this, or that, or reach for these goals, or dress like this, eat like that…and so on. I used to let it control my life. It made me sad, overwhelemed, depressed, obsessive … and when I finally said enough is enough…I started a daily ritual in my life of setting an alarm to go off every day… the Name of the alarm was Don’t care what anyone thinks about you…PERIOD!

I would get out of bed and walk to the bathroom…Every mirror that I passed, I said “I don’t care what ANYONE thinks about me” – I was taught through my rehabilitation that putting sticky notes everywhere with things I needed to remember, or things to get done written on them… I used this method as well and the sticky notes said – Be Yourself… no matter what… who cares what people think?! I DON’T!

and you know what happened over the next six months? I didn’t care anymore… I was more relaxed, open, not afraid of going in public… when someone looked at me weird or said something to me I simply smiled and nodded… I saw things transform more and more over time and it continued to fulfill me every day.

So here is what I want you to do… start with your fears – write them down, use the sticky note method, the alarm method and the mirror method for whatever it is that is holding you back… Make these daily rituals and let’s begin your transformation!

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