All the material things come and go in life, so does some of the abstract things like grief, happiness, and occasional moods. But there are few things that remain always with us and become the character mark of us, and for our children for that matter, and those things are that matter the most in your life, not your PR, your success and your other shenanigans. Those are your honesty and integrity to the society and with your relations.

Integrity Does matter!!

Unlike other English words, it is a very simple word with no equivocal meanings. Integrity means is to do good whatever the situation is, and how hard it is to do it. In fact the man with integrity always shines at the moment when it is the hardest to be as good as you are at any other normal instance.  It takes all of your hard life to build a repute to be a man of honesty and integrity, but it doesn’t take more than a second to ruin that reputation of yours. While people don’t really appreciate you much on your good deeds, but as soon as you are not your best they start blaming you instantly, and forget all the amazing stuff you have done.

Unfortunately people now a days don’t really value the importance of integrity and honesty in business and practical world. Everyone in their capacity try to brag and to gain as much as they can and exaggerate to the extent that it is impossible to bear. Students lie to their teachers in their reports and homework. People exaggerate in their  job interviews just to land a job. Company executives brag about their profits and revenues to up their stock shares and ratings.

People who do those kind of things are often lacking in the morality and integrity which should be the number one trait to have. People brag and exaggerate just to attain power all the time at their disposal. The greatest weapon these people use is the act of Demagoguery and self proclaimed empathy to attract others towards them. It is often seen that people who are dishonest in every aspect can become successful in their life. But that success is most of the time very short lived, some sneaky ones might live a full life of lies and deception.

People of these attributes who have gained something in their life using these tactics, later in life they have very high risk consequences in life if ever their truth comes out. People stops trusting them and lose all the perks of their personal life as they had of being an honest man.

But in Contrast the people who have been honest and man of their word, eventually shines in the society, everybody who had trust in them will spread the word of their greatness and honesty to their family and friends and other acquaintances. So it takes not very long of a time till the word of your amazing attributes spreads to the whole circle of your world. That is the success that everybody should look for, as it is the greatness achievement a man can get, only thing that people will remember when that man is dead will be their character and how they have influences the world surrounding them.


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