Fitbit sense Vs. Samsung galaxy watch 3 vs. Willful SW330 

Fitness smartwatches are used these days widely. And now you will come across one or two famous brands, but there are a lot of other brands that have been playing their part to manufacture the best smartwatches that are focused on fitness tracking. You might have heard about the Fitbit Smartwatch. Still, there are many more than you can consider. one of the most famous names is the Galaxy Smartwatch that is highly recommended by most customers because of the excellent performance. If we talk about which one of these smartwatches is the best, you might need to make a little comparison.

Fitbit sense Vs. Samsung galaxy watch 3 vs. Willful SW330 

All of these 3 watches are popular in the market for the excellent performance. When you plan to purchase any one of these, you might need to find out which one is the best in terms of performance. Below, we discuss a few factors that will help you make up your mind regarding which Smartwatch you should consider.


Price is the main factor that comes to your mind whenever you are planning to purchase the Smartwatch. It is important that you work on finding out the best option that is not only affordable but performs incredibly well.

  • Fitbit is a medium-range Smartwatch that will not cost you more than $300. It is comparatively a better option to consider because of the affordable price and also because of the excellent functioning even at a minimal price.
  • If you are looking for the most affordable choice, then getting the wilful Smartwatch is ideal. Not only is it excellent for basic fitness tracking but also because of the incredibly low price.
  • The last option is the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch that is the best in terms of performance. Considering the price, it might be the most expensive option.


The display is another feature that is considered the most when purchasing the Smartwatch. The reason why display matters a lot is because the bigger the display is, the better it will be for you to check and that the fitness. If it is not bright enough, you might need to look for the option that is better in terms of display.

  • Fitbit sense has a display of 1.5 inches that looks absolutely great. The wide display, along with the incredible brightness, makes it a great option to consider. The dimension of the Fitbit sense watch is 40 X 40 x 12 millimeters.
  • The next option to consider is the Willful Smartwatch that had a similar style, and the dimension is 14 x 8.5 X 3.3 CM. Overall it is comparatively e better in terms of having a bigger display, but the LED light might not be the perfect two considered because of the Limited brightness.
  • The Galaxy Smartwatch has a display of 1.2 inches, and the dimension is 41 x 42.5 x 11.3 millimeters. The overall display is good, but it is smaller than Fitbit Smartwatch.

Battery life

The next feature that is important to consider is battery life because it makes a huge difference. The smartwatch that does not have a good battery life will not be the most reliable to choose. Therefore it is important that you look if there is Long battery life or not.

  • The Fitbit sense has a battery life of up to 6 days which is excellent. This is the kind of battery life that you will not come across in any other Smartwatch.
  • Wilful also has a battery life of up to five days if you are not using GPS Navigation all the time. When you are using GPS Navigation at all times, it will not last as Long.
  • Now when you consider the high-end Galaxy Smartwatch, you will see that the Galaxy Smartwatch does not have a battery life that can last more than three days. That is an absolute bummer when you are spending so much money on the smartwatch, and it was not even last for at least one week. Therefore based on the battery life getting Galaxy Smartwatch is not the best option.

However, keep in mind that all of the batteries for these smartwatches can be recharged. So in case, it has run out of battery, you can always recharge the battery to use the Smartwatch as usual.


There are various features that are added to every smartwatch so that it can track not only fitness but also track other options, including heart rate and temperature. However, not all smartwatches come with a light and heart rate sensor. But it is important to have it so that you can check the heart rate and stress level with your Smartwatch.

  • Fitbit Smartwatch comes with a sensor that can check the skin temperature and also check heart rate. There are other sensors available to check the other health rate and stress level.
  • The Wilful Smartwatch does not have any sense at all. It is designed for simple fitness tracking and checking the steps that you have covered. It is not an advanced smartwatch that can track any other feature.
  • Galaxy Smartwatch does have some of the sensors, including the accelerometer and ECG, but it might lag in a few features, including the skin temperature sensor.

What do we recommend?

Based on all the features and especially the pricing, we would recommend you to go for the Fitbit Smartwatch because it is not expensive as Galaxy Smartwatch and has all the necessary features that the Wilful Smartwatch does not have. Therefore, it is the best option to consider this medium-ranged Smartwatch that will track not only the steps that you have taken but also the Calories and fat. Also, this smartwatch is excellent in terms of functioning, and people love this Fitbit sense smart what because of the excellent performance and long-lasting used along with the incredible battery life.

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