90 DAYS Exercise & Diet Journal: Daily Food and Weight Loss Diary

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Do you need convenience and speedy results? 90 DAYS Excercise & Diet Journal is your companion all over your 90 day diet. It is your motivating planner for a successful change in diet and a day-to-day companion at the journey to more health!
For day-to-day filling out and documentation of nutrition and exercise. “How I feel” may also be crossed off on all day-to-day pages for additional motivation. Perfect for planning and preparing your own weekly plans and recording desired progress.
Measure Your Body
One major advantage of this diet journal are the divider pages for recording the measurements of:
– Chest
– Waist
– Belly
– Hip
– Thigh
– Weight
– BMI (Body Mass Index)

Measure Your Food Consumption
The 90 pages in this food diary can thus be used to create an overview of day-to-day intake of:
-Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks
– Total Calories
– Protein / Fiber Content
– Water Consumption

Measure Your Fitness
Achieve your fitness and workout goals by keeping an eye on:
– Exercise and Activities
– Set / Reps / Distance
– Time
– Mind & Soul
-Sleep Duration
– Eating Times

Use the “Look Inside” feature of Amazon or look behind the book to see a sample page of the inside.
For a total of 90 days. You’ll be able to start your journal at any time.”My Results” page included.

The pages of this journal are cream-colored and tightly bound with a shiny paperback cover (flexible, thin binding, no firm cover) – perfect for customers who prefer slim, light notebooks. Comfortable division of sections and line spacing. The book is 6×9 inch tall, and 0.25 inch thin.
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