Breaking Free: 90 Day Weight Loss Journal for Christians

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From the weight that holds you down!
This journal is designed that will help you establish healthy habits as you center of attention for your goal of losing weight. This all-in-one journal combines your monthly and weekly planner with your Day-to-day fuel log, reducing the wish to carry more than one items to track your progress. You’ll be able to get:
3 Monthly calendars
3 Monthly habit trackers
3 Monthly weight and measurement trackers
15 Weekly menu planners with grocery lists
15 Weekly schedule planners that come with space to write Scripture, prayers, priorities, and to-do items
25 Recipe planner pages to encourage you to check out new recipes
20 Verses from the KJV translation to encourage you for your journey
105 Day-to-day food planner pages that track nutrition, hours slept, reasons for eating, exercise, hydration, blood pressure, blood sugar, vitamins, weight, notes, things you are grateful for, and your Day-to-day affirmation