Anatomy of Muscle Building: A Trainer’s Guide to Increasing Muscle Mass

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A professional-level guide for someone who is occupied with their physique.

That is the first muscle-building instruction book written by a professional trainer that may be tailored to the general reader. Its annotated full-color anatomical illustrations are revolutionary, clearly explaining which muscles are engaged in each and every exercise, what the exercises are designed to accomplish, and the precise interaction of the adjacent muscles.

Anatomy of Muscle Building is organized by body area to reflect the common progression of a well-planned workout. The writer also supplies easy-to-follow workout plans suited to all levels of fitness and experience.

The book explains intensity, sets and repetitions and recommends duration and frequency of exercise routines. It also covers the key fundamentals of weightlifting and some great benefits of free weights and machines. It includes:

  • How to build muscle without gaining fat
  • The importance of cardiovascular exercise
  • Principles of diet for weightlifters, including the role of protein
  • The pros and cons of dietary supplements
  • Helpful sidebars on what to search for and what to avoid
  • Exercise variations to accommodate individual differences
  • Tips on achieving optimum form to succeed in optimum results

A visual index helps readers navigate, and a checklist allows readers to track their exercises and progress. Beginners, serious weightlifters, competing athletes, trainers, coaches, physiotherapists and lots of others will find Anatomy of Muscle Building fascinating, instructive and practical.