Rainy days always seem to be amazing and lovely especially when you are off from your office. There are basically two kinds of people in this world; one who love to be in rain and enjoy the beauty of this weather; second are those who get annoyed by rain and hate to get into it. So here we have compiled a convincing article that mentions 11 reasons to love the rain and enjoy this beautiful face of the nature.


1. According to the statistics delivered by a recent report, rainy days are proved to be more productive at work than sunny days.

2. Rainy days can produce many excuses for you to skip office and stay in your bed.

rainy days

3. You can now put on your comfy sweaters and sweatpants.

4. Watering the gardens and car cleaning are automatically taken care of.

5. You can get away with messy hair.

6. You can order-in food and enjoy it with a hot coffee

7. Or its time to be innovative in your kitchen.

8. And who could hate that rainy smell?

9. You can cuddle with your love all the day.

10. Some people believe rain awakens the artist in them.

11. Kissing your love in the middle of a rain is everyone’s ultimate fantasy.

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  1. Krystal

    I love this post! Thank you for some great tips for those rainy days! We’ve been getting them a lot lately 😉

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