If we go back 10 to 15 years, taking pictures or snapping away few shots were very sacred kind of a tradition. Only limited to the special occasions like a wedding, vacation, family gathering, or a trip of some exotic place. And most of us at that time had only those disposable cameras, or the one with the film in it. Going to a vacation the only excitement your family and peers had was you will come back with  awesome photos of the place. Unless you wents with your buddies, the collection of the photos that you took was limited to only snaps of the places you went and few of your photos taken by some strangers. Talking about that era, it seems like centuries have passed.

How Much Pictures are Enough?

But the art of taking pictures only few of us had back then with that disposable camera, is now have been spread all over the place, everybody has a camera on their hand and charm of having a camera has died down with arrival of more advanced technology in the world of cameras. And that seems to the norm now, the technology is getting advance by leaps and bound, but the charm and amazing feeling of having those things have almost reduced to none.

We are now so busy and invested in technology, that we want to take photos and document every little aspect of our life, whether its necessary or not. Now if we see some interesting or even some weird thing, instead of watching it and enjoying it, everybody takes out there “smartphones” with highly impressive cameras and take pictures, but all the fun that you could have, watching it yourself is dead. This raises a question  Are we taking too many pictures?

Recent research has suggested that the quantity of pictures taken by a person now compared to the pictures taken 10 years back is almost staggeringly 11 times mores. Taking more pictures do have some very concerning effects on our mind according to the researchers. One would be it has shorten attention span of a common teenager or even an adult by 25 percent. Secondly if we photograph some event by our self it has been seen that 80 percent of the time we would definitely forget all about that event in a day or two, as your mind gets so vested in taking a perfect picture you don’t really care about the proceeding of that very event. Eventually later in life it could effect our memories of the past and be unmitigated at that stage.


In the past taking photos were a way to store and document the events of the past and will help you later to recollect all the happenings of that very event by looking at all those pictures. But lately that haven’t been the case, we only take photos for our peers, making a mark at the level to the happening of social media, having more likes and followers on Instagram and twitters and use it as tool for communicating with friends and followers. Over the years the huge increment in the number of photos we take, Social media is the prime and suspect of that debacle as people regard the presence in social media more important than the actual self.


The psychologists have suggested that we can limit our photo taking by upping the ante that we will only take a photo if its necessary or you see an extraordinary event that should be photographed. Otherwise if you are vacating, just snap few good shots of you with your family, and stop taking those “Selfies” and put the camera away and enjoy that moment that you are in, and have fun with your family have a drink or two. Later find a perfect family shot and print it. That way you will remember that vacation and have a perfect picture to remind you how much fun you had.


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