Bretagne, a sagely old Golden Retriever who was one of the first responders given the task of searching for survivors in the post 9/11 rubble, was given a warm welcome when she reached New York to celebrate her 16th birthday. She was very much active in saving the people’s lives who got buried under the rubble then.

Responding to the World Trade Center was our first deployment. We were there to try to find survivors. When our task force arrived in ground zero, I just couldn’t believe the magnitude of it. Then I looked down to her and she seemed stoked and ready to work

said Bretagne’s handler Denise Corliss.

Bretagne was retired in 2008 and when she arrived at New York, she had tons of surprises waiting for her including a gourmet burger, the keys to dog park at Hudson River and an amazing birthday party along with a lot of fans. “She is a 16-year-old now, but when you are around water with her, she acts like a young puppy.” said Corliss.


This is Bretagne, a 16 years old dog, who became a hero after 9/11

She was deployed in her first search and rescue operation 14 years ago at 9/11

Bretagne also played her role as a comforter to relax distressed firefighters at ground zero.


This is how they threw an honor party to this rescue dog.


And this is a bone for the dog park she was awarded.

“Bretagne and I have a really strong bond. A lot of dog handlers say you get that one dog, and I’ve had several K9 partners, but Bretagne is that one dog for me,”


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