Happiness is known to be a subjective thing. There is no constant or specified definition of happiness. Everyone has its own domain of happiness connected to some goal or idea, likewise some say, happiness revolves around money. But the thing is, everyone wants to have a happy life which has no worries. Over the years many renowned philosopher and researchers have looked into the idea of happiness and according to most of them happiness is something that can’t be weighed. Happiness can be created, just look into yourself and find happiness and if you will be successful, you will surely nurture it to make it grow and share it with the world.

Recently a study in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen has shown that if you want to live a happier life, then give up Facebook.



This research was executed by Happiness Research institute. This experiment was experienced on 1,095 people in Denmark, who were divided into two groups, half of them continued using Facebook while other were advised to avoid Facebook for about 10 days.

HRI’s chief executive, Meik Wiking told AFP, “We focused on Facebook because it is the social media that most people use across age groups”.

So the statistics they extracted from all the research was:

Participants who used Facebook on daily basis:

94% visits Facebook on daily basis

86% browse newsfeed very often

78% use Facebook for about 30 minutes daily

61% prefer to post on Facebook daily

69% prefer to post pictures on Facebook of their great experiences

So after having these statistics research center stated, “Social media is a nonstop great news channel, a constant flow of edited lives which distorts our perception of reality.”

HRI stated: In this research we wanted to have a test that how much Facebook effects one’s life. So we have two groups one used Facebook as their daily routine while other group did not use Facebook for an entire week.

What We Found about Facebook

After a week we asked both of the groups what you feel and what is your analysis about satisfaction of life. The group which was said not to use Facebook reported significantly high level of satisfaction. People felt happier and feel less sad and lonely without Facebook. They said that they are now social in a physical way rather than having social life just on internet through Facebook which was not so beneficial and felt that they waste their time less. While other group which was involved in using Facebook feel less satisfaction from their lives.

According to Happiness Research institute people on Facebook are 39% less happy and unsatisfied from their lives as compared to those who are not using Facebook. So if you want to be happy in your life and have a social life in real then “Give up Facebook”.


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