Creativity, the ability to generate new ideas and converting them into reality or presenting new applicable solution to any existing problem, is the most powerful tool awarded to man. Using this power, man has always found new ways to comfort his lifestyle, explored the secrets of universe and took control over the powers which in ancient time were considered as gods. We see in our daily life that creative people in any field have edge over the others and they have more chances of progress than the other. It is mostly considered as innate ability and a gift that cannot be achieved through practice. But, that is not entirely true. Any person can boost his creative ability if he exposes himself to a certain routine or environment that supports creative judgment or mental exercise and compel him to think about new things that could be valuable to him or his surroundings. It may become harder with the growing age but it is achievable. There are certain techniques which can help you in your working environment to enhance your creative ability.


Counterfactual Thinking

The phrase “Counterfactual Thinking” means that thing about the counter result of any event that has already happened. This type of thinking depends on “What if?” type of questions. For example, what if Hitler died of a heart attack before World War II or what if 9/11 would have failed? These thoughts can also help you in your work or business by doing mental simulations through questions like what if I invest in this specific market or what if that certain person invests in my business. It is a risk free exercise that not only helps you to develop your mind but also can save you from big loss through preemptive measures.



Daydreaming also helps in creative thinking. It allows the incubation of ideas as the mind gets clear of all the stress and tensions of daily routine and focuses on the object you are interested in. But incubation only helps when you have some pre collected data or information on hand. So, incubation is good if you have started the project and have some research on it.

Free Writing

Free writing or free association means that writing freely about anything. Take a piece of paper and a pen, think about any topic and start writing on it whatever comes to your mind. This exercise will compel your mind to recover thoughts from the depth of your memory or the things that you have observed or seen somewhere but may have ignored as it may not be a subject of interest at that time. Then, revise the notes and note the things that are worth taking.

Think Outside the Box


Thinking of things or phenomena that are impossible or seem impossible is also another way to boost creative ability. Look at things in a new way without the restrictions set by logic or scientific facts. You will be able to define new ways to solve problems. First, think about the problems without any

restrictions and when you find a solution, think about how to implement it within the defined limits that you have ignored before. It will broaden your mind and open new ways to direct your way of thinking.

Make a Creativity Room

Have a separate room or a special corner for your creations. Include the objects of your interest. Paint the walls with oil paints. Draw anything on walls or even write anything that comes to your mind. Take a picture with camera and remove it. By repeating this practice again and again, your mind will think automatically whenever you go in that room or space.

boostSit in a Coffee Shop

Sit in a coffee shop, have discussion about some topic with your friends. This practice will allow your mind to open new ways of thinking as your friend may have a different way of thinking than you and first you have to understand your friend’s prospective about the object and then you have to present your point of view according to his level of understanding.

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