Throughout the history of mankind only men have ruled across the world. They strive for more and more power at their disposal while the world is in stutters and falling apart. Men are sole responsible for all the wars and destruction in the world. There have been only one or two instances when women were the ruler of some region. And every time  they were, they did a commendable job at ruling their regions. That is because they have few advantages over men which make them better rulers and leaders as compared to men.

Few of those reasons are written below.

Why Women are Amazing


1. Women are Good Multitaskers


It is now a proven scientific fact that women are better at multi tasking than men. Almost all women can do multi tasking, whereas only men can do it and they are not even good at it. So if women are at any international conference or at the UN meeting they can accomplish more than the men ever could.


2. Fiercely Loyal and Protective

More often than not, women are more protective and loyal to the idea of something they have or they love. Same goes to the women who are ruler of certain area, they will try to protect that piece of land with all their heart. Also when women love some thing from their heart they will be most loyal to that thing or person, and will always hold onto that person forever.


3. Women are Appeasers


Most people would believe that the converse holds true for women, but actually it is true that women are peace mongers and appeasers. The reason would be less secretion of the hormones called testosterone than men. So if women were the rulers of the world there would be almost no wars in the world. If things do go sore even then there would be no wars, just a bunch of nations ” not talking to each other (Courtesy Chris Rock).


4. They are mostly clean Freaks



Men don’t really care about the mess and untidiness around them in their surrounding or even their homes. But women are not made that way. They like to keep thinks cleans. So if they will ever have the power, they could save the environment and will clean up the messes we men have created.


5.  Women are Smart and hard Working

smart woman

Men often like to call themselves smarter than women, but that is not true in most of the cases. And also men gets bored very easily doing something again again, whereas if women do something monotonous, they want to improve it every time do it. And also it can invest themselves for any task longer than any man could ever do.


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